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Marine chemical ecology

Giant barrel sponge Xestospongia muta

Marine invertebrate larval biology

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BIO 318: Invertebrate Zoology

BIO 501: Science as a Profession

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Lindsey Deignan

PhD, 2017


Alec Scott
MS, 2018

Steve McMurray

PhD, 2015

(co-advised with Dr. Finelli)



Clark Marino
MS, 2015

Micah Marty

MS, 2014


Inga Conti-Jerpe
MS, 2014

(co-advised with Dr. Finelli)


John Hamner

MS, 2014


Tse-Lynn Loh
PhD, 2012

Andy Miller
MS, 2011

Mike Echevarria
MS, 2010

Dave Hines
MS, 2010

Wai Leong
MS, 2009


Timothy Henkel
MS, 2001; PhD, 2008

Steve McMurray
MS, 2008

Adam Jones
MS, 2004


Shobu Odate
MS, 2003


Kyle Walters
MS, 2003

 Sarah Kelly
MS, 2002

Sebastian Engel
MS, 2000


Brett Waddell
MS, 1999


Matt Dunlap
MS, 1997

David Swearingen
MS, 1996

Alicia Henrikson
MS, 1996

Brian Chanas
MS, 1995


Rob Toonen
MS, 1993






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