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Dept. of chemistry
and Biochemistry
University of
North Carolina
601 S. College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403

Office: DO 230B
Phone: 910-962-2439
e-mail: leehs[AT]uncw.edu



   The Research Group of Hee-Seung Lee

              Development and application of molecular dynamics

    Welcome to the homepage of Dr. Lee's research group in the department of chemistry and biochemistry at University of North Carolina Wilmington!  Feel free to navigate our homepage to learn a little bit about Dr. Lee and his research group.

    Students in Dr. Lee's research group explore chemical reactions in complex condensed phase media via state-of-art computational methods. We are particularly interested in nanoscience, fuel cell technology, biological membranes, and chemical sensors. Computational projects are accompanied by theoretical developments in electronic structure calculations and ab initio molecular dynamics simulation.

    If you are an UNCW undergraduate and interested in doing chemistry research (DIS or Honors) with computers, contact Dr. Lee.

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