Decision Making

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bulletRational Decision Making
bulletOther Decision Making Models
bulletCommon decision making problems
bulletGroup decision making
bulletCost-Benefit analysis


bulletStarling pp. 206 - 245; 249 - 288; 532 - 568;
bulletPalumbo & Maynard-Moody "Chapter 6" (RES #4)
bulletHandouts - Problem Solving and Policy Analysis
bullet Challenger - 20 year recap (MSNBC 1/06)
bullet Challenger - 7 myths (MSNBC (1/06)
bullet Challenger - Look to the future (MSNBC 1/06)
bullet Challenger - Can History Repeat (MSNBC 1/06)

Lecture Notes

bulletLecture Notes: Decision Making
bulletLecture Notes: Policy Analysis and Problem Solving

Video Picks

There are several good movies that depict decision making in large organizations.  A recent one is:


Thirteen Days (2001) staring Kevin Costner.  Movie tells the story of the Cuban missile crisis that brought the U.S. and Soviet Union to the brink of war.  The movie does an excellent job of illustrating the decision making process used to resolve the crisis.  (True Story).

There are also several good movies that illustrate problem solving in large organizations.  A personal favorite that I would highly recommend is:
bulletApollo 13 (1995) staring Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon:  Movie tells the story of the ill-fated mission to land on the moon and how the crew and NASA overcome a series of problems to return the crew safely (True Story).

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