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Welcome - Dec 23, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

I hope you have a fun, but safe, New Year. In just two weeks we will be starting the Spring Semester - You are currently registered at this time for PHY 311. In case you want to get started, or are wondering what we may be doing, checkout, the course web site. There will be some changes made to the site as well as additional links to content that we will be covering. You will find a syllabus at that site and an idea as to what I will expect.

There are a few suggested texts, links to online material, etc posted at the website. In particular, the text for the class will be a text that I wrote for this class. (There are no books to purchase.) The text can be found at the course website. I will be editing these notes throughout the semester, so even the first few chapters might be a little different on Day 1, depending how much I get to them during the break.

The first assignment will be to email me with whatever you wish to tell me and how we can establish communication as soon as possible. I am interested in your success in the course and to make sure you know what I expect. Class is at 8:00 am three days a week and I expect you to be there. Also, I expect that you will be thinking about my class more than just three days a week! I will have standing office hours, but I will also answer emails and/or set up additional appointments if possible, and do what I can to help you through the course. Anything else you might want to know about me you can find out through my web site -,

I hope we have an enjoyable semester and I will see you on Wednesday, Jan 11th.

PS - This email is posted under the notices section at the course web site.


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