Instructor:  Dr. Caroline Clements
Time: Fall Semester 2003

The Fathers Of Psychology

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Theories of Psychopathology

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Medications for Bipolar Disorder  Mr. Grocki, Ms. Harlow, Ms. Harris and Mr. Kronenwetter

What are the Effective Treatments for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?  Ms. Alvarez, Mr. Adkins, Ms. Alspaugh. Mr Baird & Mr. Barber

Fetishism  Ms. Boness, Mr. Brafford, Mr. Brown, Ms. Brewer & Ms. Bridges

Panic Attacks  Mr. Rischan, Ms. Robol, Ms. Sharpe, Ms. Rufino & Mr. Saggese

Bipolar Disorder and Treatments  Ms. McMichael, Ms. Macdonald, Ms. MacHarg, Ms. Mason & Ms. Mcfalls

ASPD and Substance Abuse  K. Meetze, M. Melvin, R. Melton & B. Mooza

Pedophilia  Ms. Parnell, Ms. Parnell, Ms. Pictrzak, Ms. Piner & Ms. Peterman

The Effects of Nicotine on Schizophrenics  Ms. White, Ms. Whitley, Mr. Yates, Ms. Williams, Ms. Whitten & Ms. Uzun

Alcoholism in Women  Ms. Heaston, Ms. Slack, Ms. Smith, Ms. Stephenson, Ms. Stoy & Mr. Swain

Treatments for Nicotine, Opiate & Narcotic Addiction  Mr. Jordan

Is EMDR an Effective Therapy?  Mr. Moreland, Ms. Mosteller, Ms. Neville, Mr. Munk & Ms. Morris

Dysthymic Disorder Ms. Torres

Treatments for Pedophilia Ms. Lehman, Ms. Lankford, Mr. Lewis Mr. Lambeth & Ms. Henne

Substance Abuse and Dependence and Different Treatments  Mr. Hicks, Ms. Higa, Ms. Hoagland, Ms. Holloman & Ms. Holsinger

Alcohol and Dependence  Ms. Belson, Mr. Black, Ms. Biondi, Ms. Bassols, Ms. Boggs, & Ms. Barefoot

Postpartum Mood Disorders  Ms. Evans, Mr. Eyster, Ms. Freeman, Mr. Floyd & Ms. Fournier

Cocaine and its Effects on Humans  Ms. Reynolds

Does Depression Affect Women more than it Affects Men?  Ms. Currin

Alcoholism and the Elderly  Mr. Goodhart, Ms. Goolsby, Ms. Greer & Ms. Golskolka

Treatment Modalities for Herion & Alcohol Dependence  Mr. Jarrard, Mr. Johnson, Ms. Jones & Ms. Keane

Is there a Link between Child Abuse and Dissociative Identity Disorder?  Ms. Kearny, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Kerr, Ms. Kidd & Ms. Kiger

Proposed effects of Ectasy on Mood and Cognition  Ms. Rath, Ms. Renaghan, Ms. Rhodes and Mr Richartz

Ectasy and Prozac  Mr. Hooper, Ms. Hope, Ms. Hunsinger, Mr. Huppman and Mr. Jackson

Trichotillomania and Depression  Ms. Gold

Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Parenting  Ms. Cauley, Ms. Carr and Mr. Chase

Insomnia  Ms. Glover, Ms. Gallagher, Ms. Gaines, Mr. Garrett & Mr. Gayford

Eating Disorders and Men  Ms. Bryant, Mr. Bynum, Ms. Brown, Ms. Capps and Ms. Carpenter

Eating Disorders Mr. Taylor, Ms. Thompson, Mr. Trivette, Ms. Tucker and Ms. Turner

Alcoholism and Domestic Violence  Ms. Emmel, Ms. Edwards, Mr. Davis, Ms. DeSantis and Ms. Ellison



American Psychological Association:  Online site that provides many good resources for study and research PsychCrawler:  Search engine, set up specifically for the quick access to quality Psychology websites.
History Channel .Com:  Provides an interesting look into the history and modern day contributors to the fields of Psychopathology and Psychology American Psychologist:  Online home of the American Psychologist Magazine