http://people.uncw.edu/bruce/KAEM.jpg  Katherine E. M. Bruce, PhD      

UNCW Psychology Department

Honors Scholars Program

Bruce- Psychology Information

Vita/ Research Interests

National Collegiate Honors Council


Fall 2010

Animal Cognition Research Lab

Honors 110:  Freshman Interdisciplinary Seminar

PSY 292 Evolutionary Psychology 

Other Classes

PSY 265:  Honors Human Sexual Behavior 

Honors 210:  Evolutionary Psychology/Sociobiology

Psychology 265: Human Sexual Behavior 

Honors 120:  Galapagos

PSY 457:  Animal Behavior

Honors 120:  Amazon

Honors 120:  Observing Animal Behavior

Honors 210:  Anthropology of Human Sexuality

Honors 210:  Minds, Morals, and Evolution

Animal Behavior Links

Animal Behavior Society for  information on careers in Animal Behavior