Physics 202 Lab Schedule and Write-ups

Spring, 2022

Introduction to Your Friend The Breadboard


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Note:  There will be NO Make-up Lab!!

Lab 1: Electrical Conduction


January 13th


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Lab 2: Mapping the Electric Field of an Electric Dipole


January 20th


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Lab 3: Converting Electrical to Thermal Energy


January 27th


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Lab 4: Effective Resistance For Series and Parallel Circuits


February 3rd


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Exam 1 Help Session


Chapters 21–24


February 10th

Lab 5: Measuring the Earth’s Magnetic Field


February 17th


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Lab 6: Snell’s Law


February 24th

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Lab 7: Thin Lenses


March 3rd


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Exam 2 Help Session


Chapters 25–28


March 17th

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Lab 8: Optical Dispersion


March 24th


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Lab 9: Optical Interference and Diffraction


March 31st


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Lab 10: Atomic Spectra


April 7th


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Exam 3 Help Session


Chapters 29–32


April 21st

Final Exam Help Session


Chapters 29–32


April 28th