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Dr. Robert Smith


Department of Instructional Technology, Foundations, and Secondary Education

Education Building 354
(910) 962-4076 Phone
(910) 962-3609 Fax

Courses Taught

EDN 200 Teacher, School & Society
EDNL 200 Teacher, School & Society Lab
EDN 405 Theory & Practice in Teaching Secondary Social Studies
LIC 505 Advanced Theory and Practice in Teaching Secondary Social Studies
EDNL 405 Lab
EDN 408 Instructional Seminar, Social Studies
EDN 409 Practicum
EDN 528 Secondary School Organization
EDN 567 Learning Centered Supervision
EDN 578 Practicum in Developmental Instructional Supervision

Professional Service

National Council for the Social Studies folio reviewer (NCATE)
Reviewer Comprehensive School Reform Grants

Research Interests & Reports

High school reform
Use of technology in teaching and learning
Electronic Toolset
Teacher Retention

Read to Achieve: North Carolina 3rd Grade Teachers’ Views on Reading Policies to End Social Promotion
        - Many negatives to North Carolina’s hastily passed Read to Achieve program

Listening to Those on the Front Lines: North Carolina Teachers and Administrators Respond to State Legislative Changes

The Public Schools Our Children Deserve? North Carolina Residents React to State Legislative Changes

Administrator Report

Additional Information

North Carolina Social Studies conference 
2008 The Stone is the Text, presentation, Dr Roseboro & Dr. Smith 
2007: Citizenship in 21st Century presentation
North Carolina Social Studies conference 2006:
Using Technology in Teaching and Learning presentation
Interdisciplinary Teaching at the High School Level presentation
AERA 2006 Mentoring Interns in Using Technology presentation and draft paper 


Robert W. Smith