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The ACE SF Double had a 21 year life span and went through several numbering systems. In addition, the ACE Letter-Number system included single titles (either short novella length stories or longer, often abridged, stories that had originally been published in hardback) as well as the tÍte-bÍche (back-to-back) volumes.

At this time, I know of no publication and author/cover artist references for the ACE Western Doubles or the ACE Singles published during this time period.

The primary reference for anyone interested in the tÍte-bÍche style of publication is James A. Corrick (1991) Double Your Pleasure: The ACE SF Double, Gryphon Books (Brooklyn; ISBN: 0-936071-21-4

Another reference available for the ACE doubles and singles volumes (science fiction, fantasy, and horror only!) is Harold R. Peters (1996) Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror in the Ace Letter-Series Editions: A Collector's Notebook, Silver Sun Press, P. O. Box 647 Grindstone, PA, 15442 (listed price $6.50). This 65 page spiral bound volume is a listing of each letter series ACE single and double volume with notation space for condition and edition. It has an author index to correlate the singles and doubles published. It is useful for the ACE singles - although I have found a few discrepancies with my collection and this listing.

The ACE mystery doubles have an out-of-print reference by Sheldon Jaffery (1987) Double Trouble: A Bibliographic Chronicle of Ace Mystery Doubles, Starmont Popular Culture Series no. 11, Borgo Press. This is currently available (for how long I do not know) through the Barnes and Noble website at in the library binding edition for about $30 (US).

Sheldon Jaffery (1934-2003), author of the Double Trouble bibliographic chronicle as well as FUTURE AND FANTASTIC WORLDS, SELECTED TALES OF GRIM AND GRUE, and THE COLLECTOR'S INDEX TO WEIRD TALES, has passed away and the availability of this volume (in hardback or soft cover) is decreasing (check out your local interlibary loan officier and maybe they can help get you a copy).

Another interesting and useful reference for the ACE mystery collector or the pulp mystery enthusiast. Hardboiled America, The Lurid Years of Paperbacks by Geoffrey O'Brien. Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York. 1981. 144pp. Paperback. Illustrated with some color cover images. Essentially a checklist for the "hardboiled" mystery genre for the time period from 1929 to 1958.

I have found a couple of other (somewhat) useful volumes for the ACE collector or Science Fiction enthusiast.

For pseudonyms of authors in any of the following pages use this site (AKA - "also known as") as it is well-developed and highly useful with a good reference section.

In addition, a helpful reader has suggested the following pseudonym resource:

HAWK'S AUTHORS' PSEUDONYMS by Pat Hawk, available on CD from him at

Another source is THE SCIENCE FICTION AND HEROIC FANTASY AUTHOR INDEX compiled by Stuart W. Wells III (1978), published by Purple Unicorn Books (Duluth, MN; out-of-print, softcover edition). This volume is author-based and provides information on titles, publishers (mostly paperback), and reprints.

For cover art and artist, the best compendium I have found (at this time) is A BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY ARTISTS by Robert Weinberg. Published by Greenwood Press, Westport, CT: copyright 1988.

Contains biographical sketches of over 250 artists with bibliographical listings of their work. ("Working bibliographies," as noted by the author, "not the final word on the work of the illustrators included..." and "...Artwork not relating to Science Fiction is not included..." All the major --- and many minor --- artists in the field are covered from the Pulp Era period (PAUL, ST. JOHN, FINLAY, BOK, BERGEY, and BRUNDAGE) the SF Digests and the early paperbacks (POWERS, FREAS, McCAULEY, EMSH, and BELARSKI) and those from the 1960's and 1970's (KRENKEL, FRAZETTA, SCHOENHERR, and GAUGHAN) to the more modern artists (KELLY, ROWENA, MAITZ, BURNS, BARR, and the HILDEBRANDTS).

Volume also contains several short articles addressing "Science Fiction Art : A Historical Overview" and "Science Fiction Art : What Still Exists." lastly, it contains a listing of the major awards garnered by the artists.

However, there are NO illustrations in this volume (sorry).

It is available from a number of used book sources (i.e., for ~ $35 (US). Primarily a research volume, but a great source for any collector of SF and Fantasy art, particularly those interested in the early pulp magazines and paperbacks.  (This volume and information was brought to my attention by Grover Deluca - and I immediately acquired a copy).

There is a science fiction and fantasy artists bibliography available. Jane Frank (of WORLDS OF WONDER ART - aka Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists of the Twentieth Century is available from McFarland Publishing (2009). This is an excellent work and has a good index and is well documented (all of the criteria a scientist appreciates). It is a major contribution and extension to material available from Weinberg (1988).

Yes, it is a bit pricy, but you will have it for years and this well-written reference will be a great addition to anyone's library (so, buy it).

I recently acquired Outermost: The Art + Life of Jack Gaughan by Luis Ortiz, published (in hardback, illustrated boards) by Nonstop Press (New York) in 2010. It is another wonderful work on an artist for whom I have always had a great deal of respect and admiration. The forward is by his wife (Phoebe Adams Gaughan) and Luis Ortiz has put together a well-written biography with a multitude of Gaughan art, many which I have never seen. Another great gift to your library.

A very good reference (well-indexed and written) on TV Tie-In volumes (some by ACE) is by Kurt Peers (1999, 2nd edition) TV Tie-Ins: A Bibliography of American TV tie-in paperbacks. TV Books, NY, 364 pp. This volume (paperback) is available from This is especially useful for shows such as The Man From U.N.C.L.E. , The Prisoner, Marcus Welby, M.D., and others published by ACE Books.

The Science Fiction Collector: a series of pamphlet/checklist volumes with articles, letters and commentary. Available from several NET book search engines at highly variable prices. The ones that I am using are the following:

Science Fiction Collector. # 1. (Bibliography) # 1 Pandora's Books published this index to ACE Books in 1976, covering the period 1953-1968. From his personal collection, Grant Thiessen prepared an index covering all Ace science fiction, fantasy and horror books, during the period when Ace prefixed their book numbers with a letter code to identify the price of the book. The A- D- F- G- H- N- S- M- and K- series are included. All of the ACE Doubles during this period are identified. This index also includes many marginal works, and works in other fields by authors associated with the science fiction field. With cover reproductions.

Science Fiction Collector. # 2. (Bibliography) This issue includes a few additions and errata to the Ace Books index published in SFC #1, an appreciation and bibliography of Fredric Brown, and a book review and bibliography of John Russell Fearn's Golden Amazon series, as well as letters from subscribers, some interesting observations, and early attempts (prior to any of the paperback price guides), to identify the science fiction and other fantastic literature published by Avon Fantasy Novels, Bantam of L.A., Bart House, Bond-Charteris, Century, Double-Action, Handi-Books, Harlequin, Hillman, Lion, Merit, Permabooks, Prize, Thriller Novel Classics, and Toby Press. With cover reproductions.

Science Fiction Collector. # 3. (Bibliography) # 3 Gene Marshall, Carl F. Waedt and Paul C. Allen made contributions, which, when combined, served to index the Robert A. W. Lowndes' Health Knowledge Magazines of the 60's and 70's, which included Bizarre Fantasy Tales, Famous Science Fiction, Magazine of Horror, Startling Mystery Stories, Weird Terror Tales, and the non-fantastic magazines Thrilling Western Magazine and World Wide Adventure. Also included is a list of the issues announced but never released. J. Grant Thiessen and Stuart W. Wells III combined forces to produce a Galaxy Novels annotated index. With cover reproductions.

Science Fiction Collector. # 4. (Bibliography, Adult). # 4 Kenneth R. Johnson contributed the major checklist this issue, a first attempt to identify the books published in the adult pornography fields which also qualified as science fiction, fantasy, or horror. Ian Covell sent checklists of the works of Kenneth Bulmer, Laurence James, and Angus Wells, authors who often shared pen-names with each other and others. Ronald W. Spitzer contributed a Vega Books SF checklist. A one-page Tarzan story by Robert Buhr was complemented by a checklist of Tarzan imitators, prepared by Grant Thiessen. Mr. Thiessen also contributed a checklist of the 'Best of...' phenomena, a piece of verse made up mostly of science fiction titles, and an index to the Canadian magazine Super Science Stories, which continued after the demise of its American namesake. Also included are letters, a question box, reviews, and cover reproductions. Article about Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The most current paperback enthusiast and collector magazine is Paperback Parade: The Magazine For Paperback Readers and Collectors.  Published by Gary Lovisi, it is a wealth of collector news, articles on various genres, and loaded with images and information.  URL is www.gryphonbooks. com.  Check it out (there are a couple ACE Books articles I have submitted).

Lastly, another good source of information is the defunct Books Are Everything fanzine (1988 to 1995; available from your local inter-library loan officer). I will (in the future) try and quote some of the short articles and checklists that are found in this interesting (sometimes wacky, sometimes off-the-wall) collection of short articles, subscribers letters and interviews.

As I continue with this set of pages I will add other reference information.

Last update: 02 September 2020