ACE Double Science Fiction Series

The ACE SF Double had a 21 year life span and went through several letter-number based series. In addition, the numbering system also included single titles that were either short novella length stories or longer, often abridged, stories that had originally been published in hardback. The primary reference for anyone interested in the tête-bêche style of publication is James A. Corrick (1991) Double Your Pleasure: The ACE SF Double, Gryphon Books (Brooklyn). ISBN: 0-936071-21-4

The beginning of the ACE Double publication run was not with science fiction, but more mainstream mystery and western stories. The first 'true' ACE D-series SF volume is considered the A. E. van Vogt 'Null-A' stories of D-31, released in October 1953.

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ACE Double ( tête-bêche) format

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