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In my search for information on the ACE Doubles (and Singles), I have found a useful reference for the British publications (including the ACE imprint that I was uncertain about). This reference (information sent to me by a helpful reader) is The Mushroom Jungle: A History of Postwar Paperback Publishing by Steve Holland (1993) which I ordered from Barnes & Noble (or from Gary Lovis at It appears as if the Black Spade Logo with the ACE imprint is separate from the ACE American editions.


From a paragraph on p. 176:  "The closure of Archer Press and Harborough Publications in January 1954 were not to be the last heard of romance writer Paul Renin, for in 1955 Raymond and Lilian Locker reappeared as Verlock Press with more reprints. They had already experimented with a series of reprints under the names Trident Books and Trent Books, the former including the first reprinting of the now famous Jim Thomson, the latter reprinting a series of Ace Doubles from America. Rather confusingly they became Ace Books in 1957, although there was no connection with the American company. Ace Books was sold to Four Square Books in October 1959, then owned by the Godfrey Phillips tobacco company."



It also appears that ACE doubles were published in England but are strange - to say the least. They are set up as the tęte-bęche format, but often they have a LION LIBRARY story on the flip side. I am putting together what I have about these volumes and will include it in a link from the appropriate ACE DOUBLES letter-number series page. Keep tuned to this channel for more obscure stuff.

29 November 2002: I have finally documented some of the ACE Doubles format volumes printed in Great Britain. These volumes are slightly thicker in bulk than the American ACE Doubles and have a heavier card stock for the covers. What is interesting about these is that one of the stories is from an American ACE Double and the flip side is a LION (Book) story. The British ACE Doubles have a copyright date of 1953 (and 1954). The cover art is REDRAWN from the American ACE Double, but no artist information has been found (yet). These volumes are not numbered and have a price of 2'6. Information concerning these volumes was found in Books Are Everything, vol. 5 (no. 3), #23, September 1992, 18-19 [Tom Lesser, British ACE Doubles] and vol. 5 (no. 4), #24, December 1992, 4 (letters section). Not all images are available at this time and if any of the users of this site have any of these, or others not listed, please send me images and copyright/printing information.



These are what I have currently found (hopefully more to come).

J. LEITHHEAD The Lead-Slingers (c.1953; reprints ACE Double western D-18) with PAUL DURST Bloody River (c.1953; reprints LION 178).

MEL COLTON Double Take (c.1953; reprints ACE Double mystery D-27) with MICHAEL MORGAN Nine More Lives (reprints LION 11 - "The Bloody Blonde" (c.1947) - using the U. S. (United States) hardcover title and new cover art).

Both volumes have the "Trent Book Company Ltd" of Liverpool, London listed as the publisher.  Both are also "Made and Printed in Great Britain by C. Tinling & Co Ltd., Liverpool, London, and Prescot". The Colton side of the book also has the following info: "Double Take, Copyright 1953, by Ace Books, Inc. All rights reserved". The Morgan volume has the following: "An Ace Book by arrangement with Random House Inc. Ace Edition published 1954 Copyright 1947 by Random House Inc. All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Convention." This information courtesy of an IMAGE LIBRARY user (Thanks Mike).

KEN MURRAY Feud In Piney Flats (reprints ACE Double western D-34) with SAM ALLISON Trouble On Crazyman (reprints LION 183).

A fourth British ACE Double merges two different American ACE stories instead of a LION volume.

THEODORE S. DRACHMAN Cry Plague! (c.1953; reprints ACE Double D-13) with MARVIN CLAIRE The Drowning Wire (c.1953; reprints ACE Double mystery D-37).


In addition to ACE DOUBLES, it appears that ACE licensed the sale (of either the story or the use of the ACE logo) of ACE SINGLES in England. I have found a few in my travels and am still a bit confused about their history (which is not documented anywhere I have found - yet - see previous discussion to examine how confusing this is with respect to these volumes).

So, keeping with the idea that the ACE IMAGE LIBRARY is a reference source, here is what I have found (20 July 2006; updated 02 May 2008; updated 08 January 2010; updated 01 April 2011; updated 07 May 2021). These all list themselves as ACE Books, although the logo is often the ACE black spade.

Note: these volumes are published by The Harborough Publishing Co Ltd; whose sole Australian Distributors are Grenville Publishing Co.


H-123 JOHN WYLLIE Johnny Purple (1957; 1st Ace printing; WWII)

John Wyllie was a R.A.F. bomber pilot in Sumatra in 1942 and became a  POW. This book is based loosely on his own experiences.

H-129 JOHN LODWICK The Filibusters (1957; 1st ACE printing; WWII)

H-146 LOUIS ARMSTRONG Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans (c.1955; 1957; 1st ACE printing; biography)

Louis Armstrong’s autobiography, Satchmo, printed in 1957 by UK Ace Books, paints an evocative picture of New Orleans in the early 20th century with its early jazz legends (King Oliver, Kid Ory, Harry Zero, etc) and the musical nightlife.

H-152 JEAN BRILHAC The Road to Liberty (1957; 1st ACE printing)

The story of 186 French soldiers who escaped via Russia from German POW camps Offlag 2D, Stalags 1, 2A and 2B early in WWII. They reached England in September 1941 to fight with the Free French Army.

H-160 JOHN STEINBECK In Dubious Battle (1958; 1st thus)

H-169 JAMES McGOVERN Fraulein (1958; 1st thus)

H-173 BENGI DANIELSSON Love In The South Seas (1958; 1st thus)

A cover that is a bit more racy than would be acceptable in the States at this time period. This book features 8 pages of B/W photographs, and is a sociological study of Polynesian relationships by the anthropologist on the Kon-Tiki expedition.

H-175 JOHN HORNE BURNS A Cry of Children (1958; 1st thus)

H-182 ALBERTO MORAVIA The Fancy Dress Party (c.1957; 1958)

H-184 ELLA LINGENS-REINER (Dr.) Prisoners of Fear (1958; 1st UK ACE edition; WWII)

H-188 GERALD KERSH Night and the City (c.1938; April 1959; 1st thus)

Night and the City was originally published in the UK (hardbound) in 1938 by William Heinemann Ltd. This story was the source for two films: the 1950 Night and the City starring Richard Widmark and the 1992 release starring Robert de Niro.

H-190 D. H. LAWRENCE Lady Chatterley's Lover (1958; 3rd printing)

Note that this edition is listed as "first authorised British paper-back edition."

H-193 ANDRE SOUBIRAN The Healing Oath (Harborough Publishing Co. 1958; 1st thus)

First published in French. Translated by Oliver Coburn. Sequel to the The Doctors. Contains four (4) pages of advertisements for other Ace/Harborough titles.



H-205 GABRIEL CHEVALLIER Sainte Colline (cover by Vernon; 1958; 1st ACE printing)

Listed as "A droll, irreverent story about a French boys' school."

H-209 JAMES M. CAIN The Moth (nd; 1st thus)

H-210 H. E. BATES Flying Officer X (c.1942; 1958; 1st ACE printing)

Originally publishes under the titles How Sleep the Brave and The Greatest People in the World (both c.1942) with H. E. Bates using the pseudonym "FLYING OFFICER X." This edition contains an additional three (3) stories.

A collection of 16 short stories including It's Never In The Papers; There's No Future In It; The Young Man From Kalgoorlie; It's Just The Way It Is; The Sun Rises Twice; A Personal War; K For Kitty; The Greatest People In The World; How Sleep The Brave; The Beginning Of Things; Croix de Guerre; Yours Is The Earth; There's Something In The Air; The Bell; Free Choice Free World; and Sergeant Carmichael.

H-215 ARTHUR MILLER Focus (1958; 1st ACE printing)

Back cover has a photograph of a very young Arthur Miller.

H-217 FREDERIC  MORTON Asphalt and Desire (1958; juvenile delinquent)

H-221 ALBERTO MORAVIA (translated by Angus Davidson) The Time of Indifference (1958; 1st ACE printing)

H-221 (back cover)

H-225  THEODORA KEOGH The Fascinator (1958)

H-226  PETER CHEYNEY The Sweetheart of the Razors (1958; juvenile delinquent)

H-226 (back cover)

H-230 FRANCOISE MALLET-JORIS The Red Room (1958)

H-233 JAMES M. CAIN Mildred Pierce (nd; 1st thus)

H 235 J. D. SALINGER For Esmé - With Love & Squalor (1959; 1st Ace impression)

By J. D. Salinger, author of "The Catcher in the Rye."


H-240 CAITLIN THOMAS Leftover Life To Kill (c.1957; 1959; 1st ACE printing)


H-240 (back cover)


Leftover Life To Kill is written by the widow of Dylan Thomas.

H-241 JEAN-LOUIS CURTIS Dark Streets of Paris (1959; 1st ACE impression)

H-242 D. H. LAWRENCE Women In Love (1959)

H-245 CHARLES MERGENDAHL Rage of Desire (cover by Vernon; 1959; 1st UK printing)

H-246 ALBERTO MORAVIA A Ghost At Noon (1959; 1st UK printing)

H-248 CONSTANCE TOMKINSON Les Girls (Harborough Publishing Co. 1959; graphics from Windmill Theatre)


Japanese kamakizi pilots.

H-251 RONALD HARDY Kampong (1959; 1st UK printing)

H-252 COLIN MacINNES City of Spades (cover by Vernon; 1959; 1961; 1st UK printing)

Author's first book. A "Book Society Recommendation."

H-253 JAMES M. CAIN Jealous Woman (cover by Vernon;1959; 1st UK printing)

This volume collects two novels (or novellas) originally published separately by Avon Books: Jealous Woman and Sinful Woman.

H-255 MARGARETA BERGER-HAMERSCHLAG Journey Into A Fog (c.1955; 1959; 1st ACE prinitng; juvenile delinquent)

H-258 NELSON ALGREN A Walk On The Wild Side (nd; photo graphic cover; film tie-in)

A Walk On The Wild Side was filmed by Columbia Pictures under the same title.

Here is another edition (earlier) of A Walk On The Wild Side (thank you Tim for supplying this image) with the same price and edition code (H-258).

H-261 ARTHUR SCHNITZLER La Ronde (original title: Reigen; illustrated by Philip Goug; 1959: film tie-in)

Listed as "Illustrated."

H-263 MARY McCARTHY The Company She Keeps (1959)

Here is the 2nd printing (same numbering scheme - H263) of The Company She Keeps (c.1959; 1960) with new cover art and a new cover blurb (compare them for amusement).

H-265 ALBERTO MORAVIA A Ghost At Noon (1959)

H-266 GOFFREDO PARISE Children of the City (1959; 1st ACE printing)

Translated from the Italian by Stuart Hood.

H-268 MIRIAM COLWELL Young (Harborough Publishing Co Ltd, London; 1959; 1st thus; juvenile delinquent)

H-269 RICHARD WRIGHT Black Boy (Harborough Publishing Co.; 1959; 1st thus; photo of author on back cover)

"A Scorching Story of a Negro Adolescent in a Hostile World ."


H-269 (back cover)


H-274 ROBERT SHAPLEN The Love Making of Max Robert (Harborough Publishing Co. 1959; 1st thus)

Contains five (5) pages of advertisements for other ACE (UK edition) titles.

H-275 CHARLES MERGENDAHL The Lonely Ones (1959; 1st thus)

H-284 EDGAR MITTELHOLZER Kaywana Stock (original title: The Haunting of Hubertus; c.1954; 1959; October 1959; 3rd printing

H-284 (back cover)

H-285 MAX CAULFIELD The Black City (1959; gangs and juvenile delinquent)

H-289 ANONYMOUS The Fatal Decisions (1959; British printing by The Harborough Publishing Co. Ltd; non-fiction; WWII)

H-290 CHARLES MERGENDAHL This Spring of Love (1959; 1st thus)

H-293  PETER CHEYNEY Calling Mr. Callaghan (cover by Robert McGinnis)

Interestingly, the cover art was snagged from Henry S. Maxfield's Legacy of a Spy (Crest Book s288).  Original Robert McGinnis cover art for comparison.  Thank you Tadeusz.

H-299 D.H. LAWRENCE The Virgin and the Gypsy & St. Mawr (1959; 1st ACE printing)



H-302 BRUCE WALKER Cosh Boy (1959; 1st ACE impression; juvenile delinquent)

Cosh Boy, based on a 1959 play written by Bruce Walker, is about post-war Teddy Boy gangs terrorizing the neighbourhood.

H-305 BERTON ROUECHE The Last Enemy (1959; 1st ACE impression)

H-310 PETER WILDEBLOOD West End People (c.1958; 1959; 1st ACE printing)

Peter Wildeblood’s novel West End People about all the nefarious characters in London’s Soho district was adapted into the musical The Crooked Mile.  It was originally published (hardbound) in 1958 by Weidenfeld and Nicolson Ltd.

H-317 DONALD WINDHAM Let Me Alone (1960; juvenile delinquent)

H-322 FRANCOISE MALLET-JORIS House of Lies (1960; 1st thus)

H-323 BENGT DANIELSSON Forgotten Islands of the South Seas (1960; listed as "illustrated')

H 325 TENNESSEE WILLIAMS The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (1960; 1st Ace impression)

H-330 CURZIO MALAPARTE Kaputt (1960; 1st ACE printing)

Translated from the Italian by Caesere Foligno.

H-335 FRED URQUHART Time Will Knit (1960; 1st thus)

H-338 WOLF MANKOWITZ Expresso Bongo and Two Other Stories (1960; 1st ACE printing)

Title story made into a film with Cliff Richards and Laurence Harvey. The other two stories are A Kid for Two Farthings and Make Me An Offer.

H-340 JOHN WILES Asphalt Playground (1960; juvenile delinquents)

H-341 GEORGES SIMENON The Trial of Bebe Donge (1960)

H-345 JAMES M. CAIN Galatea (c.1954; 1960; 1st British ACE printing)

Galatea was published by Signet Books (1152; 1954) and precedes the publication of this edition.

H-346 COLIN MACINNES To The Victors The Spoils (1960; 1st ACE printing)

H-348 FLANNERY O'CONNOR Wise Blood (c.1955; 1960; 1st ACE printing)

Wise Blood is Flannery O'Connor's first novel and a dark and disturbing southern gothic classic.

H-356 D. H. LAWRENCE The Lost Girl (1960)

H-368 CHARLES MERGENDAHL It's Only Temporary (1960; 1st ACE printing)

H-372 ROBERT LANGDON Island of Love (1960; photo cover)

H-375 EDGAR BOX (aka GORE VIDAL)  Death in the Fifth Position (1960; 1st UK printing)

H-378 MATTHEW FINCH Dentist in the Chair (1960; 1st ACE Harbourough edition)

Dentist in the Chair is a semi-autobiographical account of how from 1946 to 1949 dental colleges gave preference to returning WWII servicemen wishing to begin or restart their studies. This tale gives some idea of the antics this particular group of medical students got up to. Film cover with Bob Monkhouse.

H-381 TERRY SOUTHERN Flash and Filigree (c.1958; 1960; 1st ACE printing)

First published by Andre Deutsh Limited in 1958 and is Terry Southern's first novel.

Terry Southern made his mark as an influential film writer on film dialogue for Dr Strangelove, The Loved One, The Cincinnati Kid, Easy Rider and The Magic Christian.

H-388 PETER CHEYNEY G-Man at the Yard (1960; 1st ACE printing)


A Lemmy Caution novel.


H-393 HERBERT SIMMONS Corner Boy (nd; juvenile delinquent)

H-395 FRANCOISE D'EAUBONNE The Cheats (1960; film tie-in)


H-395 (back cover with photo from the film)


Book directly on the French film "Les Tricheurs" of Marcel Carne.

H-399 ERNEST RYMAN Teddy Boy (1960; 1st ACE printing; juvenile delinquent)


H-400 DENNIS MURPHY The Sergeant (1960; 1st ACE printing)


H-413 LAWRENCE LITTLE The Dear Boys (1960; 1st ACE printing; juvenile delinquent)

H-415 NELSON ALGREN Never Come Morning (1961)

H-418 COLIN McDOUGALL Execution (1961; 1st ACE printing)

H-419 VIRGINIA WOOLF Between the Acts (1961; 1st thus; photo cover insert of Virginia Woolf)

H-420 C. Y. LEE Lover's Point (1961)

H-422 RAY BRADBURY The October Country (c.1961)

Originally published as an ACE Books edition in 1961, this volume was published by Four Square Books (which owned the British ACE label) and continued to use the ACE logo. From Donald H. Tuck's Encyclopedia (Vol. 1) is a notice that the next printing of this story collection was also by Four Square Books in 1963 using the same book number (H-422). Thanks to Rias Nuninga for the image and information.


H-422 (back cover with a picture of a very young Ray Bradbury)


H-423 DYLAN THOMAS Adventures in the Skin Trade (1961; listed as "first ACE Books edition")

H-425 E. R. BRAITHWAITE To Sir With Love (1961)

The book that brought about the movie of the same name and starred Sidney Poitney.

H-426 NOEL CLAD The Savage (1960)

H-429 JAMES JOYCE Stephen Hero (1961; 1st ACE printing)

Listed as "the original draft of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man."

H-436 D. H. LAWRENCE Kangaroo (c.1923; 1961; 1st ACE printing)

Kangaroo was first published in England by William Heinemann Ltd in 1923.

H-445 GEORGE GOODMAN A Time For Paris (1961)

H-479 JULIAN MAYFIELD The Hit (1961; 1st thus)

A novel of Negro life in Harlem by an African-American writer.

H-487 BILL NAUGHTON Late Night On Watling St. (1961; 1st thus)



H-506 DOUGLAS BABER God's Blind Eye (1961; 1st ACE printing)

H-521 RAY BRADBURY The Small Assassin (1962)

H-535 SIMON RAVEN Brother Cain (1962; 1st ACE printing)

H-542 ROGER NIMIER Children of Circumstance (1962)

H-543 HUGH THOMAS (ed.) The Establishment (1962; 1st ACE printing)

The Establishment or Seven Penetrating Essays on the Power Structure of a Class Conscious Society examines this vague body defined as the alliance or those institutions and social attitudes which enable the ruling class to maintain their position.

H-549 DOM MORAES Gone Away: An Indian Journal (1962; Travel/Adventure)



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