ACE SF 5 Digit Number-Series SF Singles

Note: The 5 digit numerical series ACE singles are listed in order of increasing number, not actual publication date. For information concerning the obtuse methodology used by ACE to list these, as well as the year (and month) in which they were published, please go to the ACE DOUBLES 5 Digit numerical series page where I have a complete discussion on this pretty complicated numbering scheme.

Because the ACE Single volumes are very numerous (to say the least), I have attempted to reduce bandwidth problems as well as make it more efficient to search for a particular author or story by separating them into sections. Hopefully this will make the ACE IMAGE LIBRARY more useful, but I wish to apologize to those users who like to 'browse' through these images. It has just gotten unwieldly to have all of these images on one page.

If you have additional cover images or information on cover artist or publication dates, please reply to IronWolf Engine Works

ACE SF Single format

Last Update: 01 August 2020