Dr. Karl Ricanek, Jr.,
Professor Computer Science
curriculum vita

Administrative Leadership

Director of I3S Institute (2010 – Present)

Founder of Face Aging Group (2003 – Present)

co-Director of the Consortium for Advanced Studies in Identity Sciences (2009 - 2018)


Research Spinout Companies

Lapetus Software Inc. Founder & Chief AI Scientist
EnterFace, LLC. Chief Technology Officer

University Address
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Computer Science Dept, CIS Building Rm. 2042
Wilmington, NC 28403
voice: (910) 962-4261 | fax: (910) 962-7457
email: ricanekk AT uncw DOT edu | facebook: ricanekk | skype: karl.ricanek | G+: ricanekk


Office Hours:  Fall 2018 all hours are by appointment. Appointments can be scheduled from 9 am to 9 pm Monday – Thursday. Appointments should be scheduled via email or directly with MS Calendar. Appointments can be scheduled for in-person, phone, or via video teleconferencing. Please indicate your medium of preference, face-to-face, phone, or video conferencing.


Current Courses

Fall 2018

·      CSC-105 Section 1 & 2.  Computing Competencies for College and the Workplace, Online (Canvas)

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Core Areas: Machine Learning and A.I., Biometrics, Facial Analytics, Face Attributes, Face Recognition, Hardware Assurance, Computer Vision, and Machine Vision.


See www.faceaginggroup.com to learn more about my research, publications, and contracts in the Biometrics arena.


Computer Science Dept.