Sources of Nonprofit Data


Guidestar: Find information about finances and governance of 501c(3) organizations. Search by key words, size or geographic locations.


National Center for Charitable Statistics: Provides summary data of the sector—by geographic region—for multiple years-by geography and type of organization

Related Links

Interested in learning more about nonprofit organizations? This page contains links to a few of my favorite nonprofit websites.

General Management Resources

Carter McNamara: Free Management Library. Free management resources on a variety of topics.

Energize: volunteer management resources

TechSoup: technology resources


Heather Carpenter: A useful listing of NP resources, especially for starting a new organization.


NonprofitExpert.Com, Paul John Minges, Greenville, NC maintains an extensive listing of nonprofit resources.




NonprofitExpert.Com, Paul John Minges, from Greenville, North Carolina, maintains an extensive list of nonprofit resources









Heather Carpenter, A nonprofit trainer, consultant and speaker maintains a useful listing of nonprofit resources, particularly useful for those starting a new nonprofit.


Local and Regional Resources


North Carolina Center for Nonprofits


Resources for North Carolina Nonprofits.

Quality Enhancement for Nonprofits

A community initiative led by UNCW to strengthen the nonprofit sector in the Cape Fear region.

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Skoll Foundation

Ashoka Foundation: Looking for examples of innovative problem solving in a global context?


Stanford Social Service Innovation Review Article and podcasts providing tools for those interested in social entrepreneurship, management practices, and philanthropy.

Interested in Blogs?


The Chronicle of Philanthropy  maintains a list of nonprofit blogs

Si Cantwell, Star News, blogs about activities of nonprofits in the Cape Fear region.

Social Edge, a program of the Skoll Foundation.




Si Cantwell, Star News. Here Now Blog. Dedicated to promoting nonprofits and volunteers in the Cape Fear region.





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