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Current  Publications

Forthcoming. “ Light and dark sides of nonprofit activities and the rules to manage them: The case of charitable bingo.” by Rob Christensen, Richard Clerkin, Becky Nesbit, and Laurie Paarlberg. Administration and Society.


Forthcoming.  “The Determinants of Private Funding of Public Services: The

Case of k-12 Education in the Bay Area.” by Laurie Paarlberg and Sheldon Gen.

American Review of Public Administration.



2007. “Values Management: Aligning Employee Values and Organization Goals”

by Laurie Paarlberg and  James L. Perry. American Review of Public

Administration. 37(4): 387-408.


2007. “The impact of customer orientation on government employee

performance.”  by Laurie Paarlberg. International Journal of Public Management. 10(2): 201-232.

· Winner of Accenture Advances in Public Management Award for the best article appearing in the International Public Management Journal in 2007


2006 “Motivating Employees in a New Governance Era: The Performance Paradigm

Revisited.” by James L. Perry, Debra Mesch, and Laurie Paarlberg.

My research interests focus on the structure of the nonprofit sector and the unique management challenges facing nonprofit and government organizations. My current nonprofit research focuses on the complex relationships between nonprofits, philanthropic funders, and government organizations, most recently in the context of nonprofit funding of public education and  changes in local United Way systems. My management research focuses on the use of non-bureaucratic methods of coordination and control in contemporary organizations, drawing upon concepts of public service motivation, values management and complexity science.