I  teach courses  in nonprofit management and organizational management and theory. All syllabi and course materials are available on Blackboard. Please contact me for additional information.


PLS 308

This survey course is designed to give students  a greater appreciation of the complexity of public service  in light of on-going global changes,  preparing students to more effectively engage in public challenges as  both  a citizen and as a professional. 


PLS 530: Management Practices In Nonprofit Organizations

This course introduces students to key concepts in the field of nonprofit management/administration, with encouraging students to approach nonprofit management by using innovative and creative means to balance both economic and social missions. Students in this class prepare a business plan for a new or existing nonprofit service.

PLS 532: Nonprofit Management: Governance & Accountability

This course addresses performance focused leadership--leadership that is responsible for ensuring effective organizational performance. This course focuses on two topics: board leadership (governance) and performance management-how do we measure and account for the results of our performance.  Students have the opportunity to develop such tools as board training documents, balanced scorecards, logic models, and SROI indicators for local partner organizations.

PSL 592: Strategic Management

This course explores “strategy” and the management of “strategy” in public serving organizations. We explore many different strategy, including SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, assumption based modeling, scenario thinking, and visioning. In addition, we discuss inclusive and iterative techniques that are increasingly available to decision makers.

PLS 509: Leading Public and Nonprofit Organizations

This course explores diverse theories and perspectives of leadership, focusing on the functions of leaders in public and collaborative settings and the changing  responsibilities of public leadership in 21st century. The ultimate goal of the class is to encourage students to engage in the self-reflection necessary to become effective leaders in their communities and places of work.


PLS 500: Managing Public and Nonprofit Organizations

How do individuals, groups and organizational structure impact behavior of individuals working within organizations?  We address this question by exploring foundational concepts such as motivation, structure,  group dynamics, through the use of cases, role plays and class simulations.


Current Professional Training Activities:


Quality Enhancement for Nonprofit Organizations (QENO)


Providing training on nonprofit governance and strategic management to Cape Fear Area nonprofits.


Campbell Public Affairs Institute (Syracuse University) & AMIDEAST


Provided training on collaborative practices (March 2008).