Differential Geometry in Physics

Lectures Notes by Gabriel Lugo
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Copyright 1995, 2004, 2020, 2021

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I. Vectors and Curves
1.1 Tangent Vectors
1.2 Curves
1.3 Fundamental Theorem of Curves
1.4 Natural Equations
II. Differential forms
2.1 1-Forms
2.2 Tensors and Forms of Higher Rank
2.3 Exterior Derivatives
2.4 The Hodge * Operator
III. Connections
3.1 Frames
3.2 Curvilinear Coordinates
3.3 Covariant Derivatives
3.4 Cartan's Equations

Lecture Notes
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IV. Surfaces in R
4.1 Manifolds
4.2 First Fundamental form
4.3 Second Fundamental Form
4.4 Curvature
4.5 Fundamental Equations
V. Geometry of Surfaces in R
5.1 Surfaces of constant Curvature
5.2 Minimal Surfaces
5.3 Conformal Maps
VI. Riemannian Geometry
6.1 Riemannian Manifolds
6.2 Submanifolds
6.3 Big D
6.4 Lorentzian Manifolds
6.5 Geodesics
6.6 Gauss Bonnet Theorem

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VII. Lie Groups
7.1 Lie Groups
7.2 Lie Algebras
VIII. Classical  Groups in Physics
8.1 Orthogonal Groups
8.2 Lorentz Group
8.3 NP-Formalism
8.4 SU(3)
IX. Fiber Bundles
9.1, Fiber Bundles
9.2 Principal Bundles
9.3 Connections on PFB
9.4 Gauge Fields


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Lecture Notes
(pdf 3.5 Mb)
The Lecture Notes  here is a short version which only includes the chapters covered in our one-semester course in differential geometry. In the list above, this would be chapters 1-4 and chapter 6. Thank you all for supporting higher learning


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