Los acentos en espaol

"Written Accent Marks"

The following instructions should help typing the accents in Spanish.

How to Type Accent Marks in Spanish on a PC

 First, change the language of your Word document from English to Spanish.

         Click on Tools, then Language, then Set Language, and then Spanish (Modern Sort).

         Click on OK

         Choose from the following three methods of typing accent marks and other Spanish symbols.

 1)    Control Key Method:

           For , , , and : press the Ctrl key and the apostrophe sign () and then the letter.

          For : press the Ctrl key and ~.  (You will have to shift to get that mark and it is located at
       the top left hand corner of your keyboard).

          For and : If your document is already set in Spanish, you should only have to press the
       regular question mark and exclamation mark at the beginning of the sentence.  The computer
       will automatically flip the sign for you.

2)      Alternate Key Method: (Use this method when typing online or e-mails in Spanish)

 While pressing the Alt key, type the following number combinations for the desired letter or symbol.

                      Alt 160                          Alt 0193                           Alt 164

          Alt 130                           Alt 0201                           Alt 168

           Alt 161                             Alt 0205                           Alt Ctrl !

          Alt 162                           Alt 0211                          Alt 174

          Alt 163                            Alt 0218                          Alt 175

3)      You may also go to the Insert menu, and then click on Symbol.  Click on the accented letter or symbol
you need, use the shortcut suggested, or create another shortcut.

 How to Type Accent Marks in Spanish on a Mac

                      Option + e, a                          Option + n, n

          Option + e, e                          Option + Shift + /

           Option + e, i                            Option + 1

          Option + e, o

          Option + e, u

The following website provides more information: