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 Physics Lecture Video

My lectures were taped and then digitized during the 2005 Summer I Session. A sample video is given by: Sample - Should play in your Windows media player. The full set of PHY 101 video lectures can be found here and the PHY 102 lectures are being added.

Physics Lecture Audio

Here are some audio files of the physics lectures. You can download an audio file by right-clicking the topic link and saving the file to play on your computer, or you can right click here, copy the shortcut and paste into your favorite podcasting software. Then you can take your lectures anywhere on your MP3 player or an iPod.

Date   Ch   Audio Files - MP3 Downloads Streams
May 19 1   Intro, Units, Sig Figs, Trig., Vectors  
  20 1/2   Vector Addition, Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration Stream
  23 2   Kinematics, Free Fall, Graphical Analysis Stream
  24 3   2D Kinematics, Projectiles Stream
  25 4   Newton's Laws of Motion, Gravitation Stream
  26 4   Normal Force, Tension, Friction Stream
  27 4   Equilibrium Stream
  31 5   Uniform Circular Motion/Satellites Stream
 June 1 6   Work, Kinetic Energy, Work-Energy Thm Stream
  2 6   Potential Energy, Energy Conservation, Power Stream
  3 7   Momentum, Impulse, Conservation Stream
  6 7   Collisions, Center of Mass Stream
  7 8   Rotational Motion and Kinematics Stream
  8 8/9   Tangential Variables/Rigid Bodies, Torque, Equilibrium Stream
  9 9   Rotational Dynamics, Energy, Momentum Stream
  10 10   Simple Harmonic Motion, Springs and Pendula Stream
  13 10/11   Solids, Fluids, Pascal's and Archimede's Principles     Stream
  14 12   Temperature, Heat Energy, Specific Heat, Latent Heat Stream


  Heat Transfer, Kinetic Theory Stream
  16 15   First Law of Thermodynamics Stream
  17 15   Second Law of Thermodynamics, Entropy Stream
  20 16/17   Waves and Sound, Standing Waves Stream


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