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PHY 101 Lectures - Spring 2013

These are PHY 101 (College Physics (algebra-based)) lectures from Summer 2005 based on the earlier (smaller) version at PHY 101 Videos. A similar set of lectures now exists for the second half of the course, PHY 102. See PHY 102 Videos.

The first column of video pages should work with IE 10, Firefox, Chrome, iPad, iPod, etc, which support HTML 5 video in MP4 with H.264 or Ogg Theora. The second column points to older pages which stream using older IE versions.  

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Lecture Boards

1 Units, Sig Figs, Trig, Vectors MP3 Intro, Vectors  
2 Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration MP3 Kinematics1D  
3 Kinematics, Free Fall, Graphical Analysis MP3 Kinematis1Db  
4 2D Kinematics, Projectiles  MP3 Kinematics2D  
5 Newton's Laws of motion, Gravitation  MP3 NewtonLaws  
6 Normal Force, Tension, Friction  MP3 Forces  
7 More on Friction, Equilibrium, and the Inclined Plane MP3 Equilibrium, InclinedPlane  
8 Uniform Circular Motion  MP3 Circular, ForcerProbs  
9 Work, Kinetic Energy, Work-Energy Thm  MP3 WorkEnergy  
10 Potential Energy, Energy Conservation, Power  MP3 Energy A B C D E F G H
11 Momentum, Impulse, Conservation MP3 Momentum A B C D E F G H I J
12 Collisions, Ballistic Pendulum, Center of Mass MP3 Collisions, BallPend, CMass A B C D E F G H I
13 Rotational Motion and Kinematics  MP3 Rotation A B C D E F G H
14 Tangential Variables/Rigid Bodies, Torque, Equilibrium  MP3 Rotation2, Torque A B C D E F
15 Rotational Dynamics and Energy MP3 RotDynam A B C D E F       REV A
16 Angular Momentum and Simple Harmonic Motion MP3 AMomentum, Harmonic A B C D E F G   REV B PDF
17 Pendula, Deformations, Fluids, and Archimede's Principle    MP3 Pendulum, Deformation, Fluids A B C D E F G
18 Pascal's Principle, Temperature, Heat Energy, Specific Heat  MP3 Pascal, Temperature A B C D E F G H I
19 Heat Transfer, Ideal Gases, and Kinetic Theory  MP3 HeatTransfer, IdealGas, Kinetic, Summary A B C D E F
20 First Law of Thermodynamics MP3 ThermoLaw1 A B C D E F G H I J     
21 Second Law of Thermodynamics MP3 ThermoLaw2 A C D F G H I
22 Sound Waves, Standing Waves MP3 Sound A B C D E F G H