Mathematics on Pocket PCs BY RUSSELL L. HERMAN

Last Updated: October 28, 2004
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Can Mathematics be done on Pocket PCs? When we first seriously investigated this question in the Fall of 2002, we expected that the answer was no. We knew that we could do some simple calculator mathematics and thought there was not much out there. However, if you dig deep enough and put in the right combination of phrases in one of the well know search engines, you will find some interesting results. Some of these results were reported at recent ICTCM (International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics) meetings (see Paper (ICTCM 2002) and List of Links for Mathematics on Pocket Computers). Of course, one might ask why do mathematics on Pocket PCs. We can address that issue later, though we would like to note that it is possible that such handheld devices may become more abundant over the next decade. 

NEW Review of Mathematics on Pocket PCs - New Orleans ICTCM 2004 - PPT (4 MB)

[This is the beginning of a list of programs that run on Handheld and Pocket PC devices.]


Graphing Utilities and Calculators

Symbolic Systems

Data Acquisition

Miscellaneous Packages

Other Platforms 

Development Tools

Macromedia Flash.

Student Response System

Numina II SRS  This is a Web-based student response system that uses a combination of wireless networks, handheld computers, and a data projector to allow students to submit responses to questions posed by an instructor. The instructor poses a question in a multiple-choice, true/false, yes/no, or opinion-based format and directs students to a Web site that generates a form on their computer screens through which they submit their responses.

Russell L. Herman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNCW. This is an evolving article and is based upon work of the Numina Group and with Dr. Gabriel Lugo, who is also in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNCW.

by R. L. Herman