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There are many books about Albert Einstein and his scientific theories, philosophy of life and biography. Obviously, you cannot be required to read them all. So, there will be a few required texts to help a consistent discussion, but you should also read a biography and a scientific (at least a popular ) text. Required texts have been selected so as not to make you spend a lot of money and a couple of recommended texts were selected for you to choose books on relativity. you should read about the texts and choose a biography to supplement the list of required texts. You might be able to get some from the library. More books might be added depending upon the path the course takes.

Required Texts

We will read the book by Cassidy as a short book covering most aspects of the course. Einstein's Ideas and Opinions can be read piecemeal on his views of different topics. Kaku's book brings in some of the legacy's impact on current trends in thoughts about the universe.

Breakdown of Chapters and Topics This is a breakdown of the pages of the above three books into topics. This way you can find the needed material before we cover it in class according to the  schedule.


Epstein's book is a book on the science behind relativity and gravitation. It is devoid of mathematics and is thin. Thorne's book is also devoid of "mathematics", but can be thought provoking. It delves more into black holes and some history and biography. You need to look at each and pick one that you feel comfortable reading.

Here are a few more books you might select. Some are available in the library.


Einstein's Writings



Library Books


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