The Two Codes – Tentative Schedule

! Subject to Revision !

Please refer to this schedule often.


Week 1 – Jan 13


Guinn, Meinhold

The Two Codes


Divided States of America, Parts I and II,


Week 2 – Jan 27

Security and Surveillance in a Democratic Society

Guinn (ppt)

Required Documentary: Citizenfour is available for free download at the Internet Archive


Required Reading (watch the movie first)

Background and details of the Snowden case: THE NSA AND EDWARD SNOWDEN: SURVEILLANCE IN THE 21ST CENTURY


Snowden Quiz on Canvas, Due by Sunday, Jan 26, 11:59pm


Suggested Reading

Aftermath of Snowden’s revelations: U.S. CYBERSURVEILLANCE IN THE POST-SNOWDEN ERA


Week 3 – Feb 3

Civil Society and/or The Internet?


Going Bowling,


The Internet and Civil Society,


Computer Use in the United States 2016,


Constitutional Change,



Reflective Essay #1 Due February 6


Week 4 – Feb 10

Face Recognition and AI Biases

Guinn (ppt)

Who is Using Your Face? The Ugly Truth about Face Recognition


Addressing Fairness in the Context of Artificial Intelligence (includes embedded video w/ Dr. Ricanek)


AI is Biased. Here's How Scientists are Trying to Fix It


Week 5 – Feb 17

Freedom of Information and Information Overload

Guinn (ppt)

The Crisis of Social Media


The Effect of Information Overload in Digital Media News Content

Week 6 – Feb 24

Voting and Elections


Week 7 – Mar 2

The First Amendment and Social Media


The Facebook Dilemma, Parts I and II,


Free Speech and the Internet,

Disinformation and what we can do about it,


Dueling Platform Policies and Free Speech Online ,


When Does Twitter Blocking Violate the First Amendment


Should Big Tech Be Broken Up

Week 8 – Mar 16



Extra Long Spring Break

Week 9 – Mar 23

Misinformation and Fake News


News Literacy Playbook


Breaking the Spin Cycle



Week 10 – March 30

Privacy and the Fourth Amendment


Fourth Amendment Video


Fourth Amendment Podcast


Reflective Essay #2 Due April 3


Week 11 – April 6

Employment and the Coming Automation Crisis


Will Robots and AI Take Your Job


Automation and Job Loss Statistics


Week 12 – April 13

Redistricting and Gerrymandering


The 2020 Census: Deconstructed


The 2020 Census: Significance


The 2020 Census: Controversies


Gerrymandering Explained, 1


Gerrymandering Explained, 2


The End  to Political Gerrymandering,



Week 13 – April 20

AI in Healthcare, Medical Privacy

EFF Statement on Medical Privacy


Privacy Assessment of IoT in Healthcare


Could AI Do More Harm Than Good in Healthcare

Week 14 – April 27

Political Participation in the 21st Century


Social Media and Political Engagement,


Activism in the Social Media Age,


Reflective Essay #3 Due April 23