GGY 422/522: Remote Sensing in Environmental Analysis, Spring 2011

Aaron Caldwell
Glacial Shrinkage in the Austrian Alps from 1986 to 2009

Alex Martin
Remote Sensing: Tracking the Salton Sea

Angela Craig
Shrinking of the Aral Sea from 1988 to 2010

Brennan McKone
Kennecott Copper Mine, UT

Davis McIver
Morenci Copper Mine, Arizona

Dennis Moran
Evaluating a Post Wildfire Vegetation Loss at Mt. Parnitha, Greece

Graham Jones
Remote Sensing of Deforestation near Rodonia Brazil

Jared Coyne
The Rapid Urbanization of Chongqing China

Jenna Pace
Monsoon Flooding of the Indus River, Pakistan 2010

Kelly O'Connell
Change Detection Analysis of the Shrinking Great Salt Lake

Matthew McCarthy
Sea-Level Rise Inundation of Habitats on Masonboro Island

Robert Smith
Green Space Reduction in Brunswick County, NC

Sam Candio
Temporal Analysis of Urbanization around Barnegat Bay, NJ 1985-2011

Seth Rose and Jeremy Miller
The Vegetative Succession of Mount St. Helens

Trent Austin and Malorie White
North Carolina's Outer Coastal Plain Change Detection Study

Kyle Borgemeister
Growth in the Grand Strand: Urbanization of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in the Past 20 Years

Tyler Lockamy
Integrating Landsat and ASTER Imagery for Post-Disaster Change Detection in Eastern Japan
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