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Easter - Scrambled Words - Free Download

Type in your words or phrases, and as you type your message is placed into code. The students use the chart at the bottom of the page to decode your words or phrases.image of align the starsGreat for an "on task" activity when students come in the room. This scrambled words game is themed for Easter. Be sure to read instructions before use.

Easter Scrambled Words - Easy Difficulty
Easter Scrambled Words - Medium Difficulty

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Easter Bunny Road Race

image of Easter Bunny RaceNo preparation required, just have a sheet of vocabulary or review questions in your hand. Click a button on the screen and the Easter Bunny of your choice moves one step closer to the finish line and victory. Five correct answers will get your Easter Bunny across the finish line where there is cheering and applause. Great for whole class vocabulary review or test review for any subject. (Whole Class Participation Game)

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Easter Themed Timer

image of Easter TimerThis is a very simple Easter themed PowerPoint timer that you can use in your classroom or training. As a teacher or trainer there is no longer any need to wonder where the minute or second hand was when you told your students they had 5 minutes. You can use this timer immediately. This timer is a good basic clock that can countdown almost any time from one hour down. Simply open it, start the PowerPoint show and click on the time to start.

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Easter Themed Big Wheel Game for Whole Class

image of Big Wheel GameNo preparation required, just have a sheet of vocabulary or review questions in your hand. Simply click "Spin the Wheel" and total up the points in the columns on the right. This Easter themed game is great for all ages. (Whole Class Participation Game)

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Bingo Card Generator Easter Themed

image of bingo card generatorThat's right just input all your words or numbers into the cells and hit print. Then click the shuffle button and hit print again. Each time you hit the shuffle button MS Excel creates a two unique bingo cards that you can print out and use. Be sure to read the instructions. These improved bingo card generators have tabs for one card or two cards per page.

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