Recent Publications for Michael J. Durako (students in bold)

Hall, M. O., Furman, B. T., Merello, M. Durako, M. J. 2016. Recurrence of Thalassia testudinum seagrass die-off in Florida Bay:
Initial observations. Marine Ecology Progress Series 560:243-249. doi: 10.3354/meps11923. pdf

Genazzio, M. A., Durako, M. J. 2015. Photochemical efficiency of Thalassia testudinum varies in response to repeated shading events
(and unpredictable weather). Marine Ecology Progress Series 539: 127-137. doi:10.3354/meps11498.

Gavin, N. M., Durako, M. J. 2014. Population-based variation in resilience to hyposalinity stress in Halophila johnsonii.
            Bulletin of Marine Science 90:781-794. pdf

Howarth, J. F., Durako, M. J. 2013. Variation in pigment content of Thalassia testudinum seedlings in response to changes in salinity and light.
            Botanica Marina 56: 261-272. pdf

Howarth, J. F., Durako, M. J. 2013. Diurnal variation in chlorophyll fluorescence of Thalassia testudinum seedlings in response to controlled salinity and light conditions.
Marine Biology 160: 591-605. pdf

Kahn, A. E., Beal , J. L., Durako, M. J. 2013. Diurnal and tidal variability in photobiology of the seagrass Halophila johnsonii in a riverine versus marine habitat.
Estuaries and Coasts 36: 430-443. pdf

Griffin, N. E., Durako, M. J., 2012. The effect of pulsed versus gradual salinity reduction on the physiology and survival of Halophila johnsonii Eiseman.
            Marine Biology DOI 10.1007/s00227-012-1923-8. pdf

Durako, M. J. 2012. Using PAM fluorometry for landscape-scale assessment of Thalassia testudinum: Can diurnal variation in photochemical efficiency be used as an ecoindicator of seagrass health?
            Ecological Indicators 18:243-251. pdf

Gavin, N. M., Durako, M. J. 2012. Localization and antioxidant capacity of flavonoids in Halophila johnsonii in response to experimental light and salinity variation.
            J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 416-417: 32-30. pdf

Gavin, N. M., Durako, M. J. 2011. Localization and antioxidant capacity of flavonoids from intertidal and subtidal Halophila johnsonii and Halophila decipiens.
Aquatic Botany 95: 242-247. pdf

Durako, M. J., Kowalczuk, P., Mallin, M. A., Cooper, W.J., Souza, J. J., Wells, D. H., 2010. Interannual variation in photosynthetically significant optical properties and water quality in a coastal blackwater plume.
            Estuaries and Coasts 33:1430-1441. pdf

Kowalczuk, P., Cooper, W. J., Durako, M.J., Kahn, A. E., Gonsior, M., Young, H., 2010. Characterization of dissolved organic matter fluorescence in the South Atlantic Bight with use of PARAFAC model:
            Relationships between fluorescence and its components, absorption coefficients and organic carbon concentrations.
            Marine Chemistry 118: 22-36. pdf

Kahn, A. E., Durako, M. J. 2009. Wavelength-specific photosynthetic responses of Halophila johnsonii from marine-influenced versus river-influenced habitats. 
            Aquatic Botany 91:245-249. pdf

Chartrand, K. M., Durako, M. J. 2009. Effect of hypo-salinity on the photophysiology of Siderastrea radians.
            Marine Biology 156: 1691-1702. pdf

Chartrand, K. M., Durako, M. J. 2009. Distribution and photobiology of Siderastrea radians and Thalassia testudinum in Florida Bay, FL USA. Bulletin of
            Marine Science 84(2):153-166. pdf

Kahn, A. E., Durako, M. J., 2009. Photosynthetic tolerances to desiccation of the co-occurring seagrasses Halophila johnsonii and Halophila decipiens.
 Aquatic Botany 90: 195-198.

Durako, M. J., Chartrand, K. M. 2009. Changes in spectral reflectance in response to salinity variation in Siderastrea radians from Florida Bay, Florida USA. Proceedings of the
11th International Coral Reef Symposium, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, pp 607-610. pdf

Meng, Y. Krzysiak, A. J., Durako, M. J., Kunzelman, J. I., Wright, J. L. C. 2008. Flavones and flavone glycosides from the sea grass Halophila johnsonii.
Phytochemistry 69: 2603-2608.

Kahn, A. E., Durako, M. J. 2008. Photophysiological responses of Halophila johnsonii to experimental hyposaline and hyper-CDOM conditions.
J. Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 367: 230-235.

Belshe, E. F., Durako, M. J., Blum, J. E. 2008. Diurnal light curves and landscape-scale variation in photosynthetic characteristics of Thalassia testudinum
            in Florida Bay. Aquatic Botany 89: 16-22. pdf

York, R. A., Durako, M. J., Kenworthy, W. J., Freshwater, D. W. 2008. Megagametogenesis in Halophila johnsonii, a threatened species with no
            known seeds, and the seed-producing Halophila decipiens (Hydrocharitaceae). Aquatic Botany 88: 277-282. pdf

Dean, R. J., Durako, M. J., 2007. Carbon sharing through physiological integration in the threatened seagrass Halophila johnsonii.
            Bull. Mar. Sci. 81(1): 21-35. pdf

Durako, M. J. 2007.  Leaf optical properties and leaf-specific photosynthetic absorptances in several Australian seagrasses. 
            Aquatic Botany 87: 83-89. pdf

Belshe, E. F., M. J. Durako, and J.E. Blum.  2007. Photosynthetic rapid light curves (RLC) of Thalassia testudinum exhibit diurnal variation.
            J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 342: 253-268. pdf

Kowalczuk, P., Durako, M.J., Cooper, W.J., Wells, D., Souza, J.J. 2006. Comparison of radiometric quantities measured in water, above water and derives from SeaWiFS imagery in the South Atlantic Bight.
            Continental Shelf Research 26:2433-2453. pdf

Kahn, A. E. and M. J. Durako. 2006. Thalassia testudinum seedling responses to changes in salinity and nitrogen.
            J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 335: 1-12.

Kowalczuk, P., J. Stoń-Egiert,  W.J Cooper, R.F. Whitehead, and M.J. Durako. 2005.  Characterization of CDOM in the Baltic Sea by excitation-emission matrix spectroscopy.
            Marine Chemistry 96: 273-292. pdf

Kunzelman, J. I., M. J. Durako, W. J. Kenworthy, A. Stapleton, J. L. C. Wright. 2005. Irradiance-induced changes in the photobiology of  Halophila johnsonii
Mar. Biol. 148: 241-250. pdf

Torquemada, Y. F., M. J. Durako, and J. L. S. Lizaso. 2005. Effects of salinity and possible interactions with temperature and pH on growth and photosynthesis
            of Halophila johnsonii Eiseman. Mar. Biol. 148: 251- 260. pdf

Kahn, A. E. and M. J. Durako. 2005. The effect of salinity and ammonium on seed germination in Ruppia maritima from Florida Bay.
            Bull. Mar. Sci. 77:453-458. pdf

Van Sluyter, S., M.J. Durako, and C. J. Halkides. 2005. Chitinase activities in Vitis vinifera cvs Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon berries are significantly higher than in Vitis rotundifolia cv Fry berries.
            American Journal of Enology and Viticulture 56(1):81-85. pdf

Mallin, M. A., L. B. Cahoon, and M. J. Durako. 2005. Contrasting food-web support bases for adjoining river-influenced and non-river influenced continental shelf ecosystems.
            Est. Coastal Shelf Sci. 62:55-62. pdf

Runcie, J. W. and M. J. Durako. 2004. Absorptance measurements improve diel estimates of in situ electron transport of Posidonia australis.
            Aquatic Botany 80:209-220. pdf

Hackney, J. W. and M. J. Durako. 2004.  Size-frequency patterns in morphometric characteristics of the seagrass Thalassia testudinum reflect environmental variability.
            Ecological Indicators 4: 55-71. pdf

Whitfield, P.E., W. J. Kenworthy, M. J. Durako, K. K. Hammerstrom, and M. F. Merello. 2004. Recruitment of Thalassia testudinum seedlings into physically disturbed seagrass beds.
            Marine Ecology Progress Series 267: 121-131. pdf

Kowalczuk, P. W.J Cooper, R.F. Whitehead, M.J. Durako, and W. Sheldon. 2003. Characterization of CDOM in an organic-rich river and surrounding coastal ocean in the South Atlantic Bight. 
            Aquatic Sciences  65: 381-398. pdf

Durako, M. J., J. I. Kunzelman, W. J. Kenworthy, and K. K. Hammerstrom.  2003. Depth-related variability in the photobiology of Halophila johnsonii and Halophila decipiens.
            Marine Biology 142: 1219 - 1228. pdf

Fourqurean, J. W., J. N. Boyer, M. J. Durako, L. N. Hefty, and B. J. Peterson. 2003. The response of seagrass distribution to changing water quality: predictive models from monitoring data.
            Ecological Applications 13(2): 474-489. pdf

Carlson, P. R., L. A. Yarbro, K. Madley, H. Arnold, M. Merello, L. Vanderbloemen, G. McRae, M J. Durako. 2003. Effect of El Nińo on demographic, morphological, and chemical,
            parameters in Turtle-grass (Thalassia testudinum): An unexpected test of indicators.
            Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 81: 393-408. pdf

Murphy, L. R., S. T. Kinsey, and M. J. . Durako. 2003. Physiological effects of short-term salinity changes on Ruppia maritima. Aquat. Bot. 75: 293-309. pdf

Durako, M. J., and J. I. Kunzelman. 2002. Photosynthetic characteristics of Thalassia testudinum Banks ex König measured in situ by pulse amplitude modulated (PAM) fluorometry:
            methodological and scale-based considerations.
            Aquatic Botany 73: 173-185. pdf