Geopoetry: a TrueType font created by James A. Dockal Blue Ridge Adventure Software

This is a TrueType font that consists of geologic map symbols, mainly structure symbols, for use in ArcView GIS but also usable in text editing programs like Microsoft Word.


Using Geopoetry in ArcView using.htm

Download Geopoetry (4 KB)

View Geopoetry Symbol Set symbolset.gif (13 KB)

Table of keys associated with symbols key2.doc (Microsoft Word document; but you must have installed the font first and then set the right hand column to a text font like Times Roman and the left hand column to Geopoetry.)

Table of keys associated with symbols geopoet.pdf (Adobe Acrobat readable)

This is freeware, but I would really like you to email me if you download it. Send me a quick note giving your name and email address, you may add any comments as you so wish. I will keep those who email me informed of any modification to Geopoetry and the development of any other related Fonts.

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