Tricksters of
  the World 












A Web resource by Ray Congo


          The term ‘trickster’ denotes a being who is full of guile, always ready to deceive someone, for either personal gain or humor of the outcome of the event.  Yet many of the trickster figures discussed on this page cannot be dismissed as merely comic figures that deceive, they have an entire range of powers and attributes.  They are outside the norm, yet continually in the middle of events.  Many of the tricksters have origins unlike their fellow gods and thus are set apart from them.  They bridge the gap between gods and humans by becoming messengers or inventing sacrifice, allowing humans to pay tribute to the gods.  Even while being a divine connector, the trickster may become a deceiver to suit his own interest.  The role of deceiver covers a broad scale of events associated with tricksters.  They can transform their appearance to retrieve information from an unknowing participant or merely for jest.  The trickster’s mind is quick, often never resting, contemplating various outcomes to discover the best method in achieving his goal.