Karen A. Daniels, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office: Room TL3084
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403

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PSY 105: General Psychology
PSY 324: Psychology of Aging
PSY 355: Introduction to Experimental Design
PSY 410: Cognitive Psychology

My research has two broad themes. The first concerns individual differences in memory and attention, both as a function of normal aging and working memory capacity. How and why are certain individuals better at attending to and remembering information in their everyday lives? What are the best ways to measure these differences in cognition?

The second focuses on more applied issues having to do with memory rehabilitation. What cognitive training techniques are most effective at slowing or reversing age-related declines? What role does physical fitness play in memory improvement?

Karen A. Daniels, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office: Room TL3084
Phone: 910-962-7178
E-mail: danielsk@uncw.edu
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