Psychology Department

    The Cohen Cognition and Perception Laboratory

    Many of us think that we experience the physical world as it exists.  We do not.  We taste it,  smell it, touch it, see it, and hear it.  These experiences are psychological phenomena that arise because of the way our cells react to the energy and chemicals in the environment.  In many ways, our brain constructs a virtual environment that aids in our survival; but this virtual environment is not entirely accurate.  This virtual environment is our only experience of the world, so it drives our behavior.  Here at the CCPL, we study the virtual environment the brain builds, how it relate to the physical environment, and how the differences between the two influence our behavior.  Currently we are studying:

    • How the brain derives meaning from numbers
    • Why we can't draw what we see
    • How we make decisions - both mundane and moral
    • Memory

    We are always looking for creative, hardworking undergraduate and graduate students.  If you are interested, send me an e-mail: cohend@uncw.edu or drop by the laboratory (TL 3080).