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The Value of Data for Inference

Theory & Research

Define Theory

The Whole Art of Deduction

APA Basics
Class Assignments & Activities

Power Point

Chapter Reviews

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


Variables-in-Research Resources

Vars-in-Res-Resources 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Normal Distribution

Interactive Correlations

VassarStat Correlation Tools

AERA Standards for Testing

Wikipedia Background on Standards




Power Point

Chapter Reviews

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Using Data

Chapter 11

Qual v Quan

"The Debate": Kerlinger v Campbell

Qul v Qun: Application/Desicion-making

A Little Research Humor?

Similarities & Differences

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Reading & Writing

Literature Reviews

Reading Checklist

Literature Review Checklist

Overview: LR Purposes/Processes


Professional Research Activities

IRB Training

HHS Resources Page

Researcher Interview Project

Draft: Interview Questions

Top-5 Researcher Interview Questions


Literature Review Websites





Psychology Tutorials:  Research Methods


Research Design

Online Resources OWL

Digital Library

Online Psychology Journals Validity Issues What's happened to the ERIC Clearing Houses?

Research Methods Links

Survey Research  Quasi-Experimental Designs Basics of Experimental Design

Causal Comparative



Literature Review Examples

Chapman: NCLB


Questioning Strategies


Resident Teacher

Parental Involvement/Motivation

Parenting and Achievement

K-12 Distance Ed

Internet Addiction

 The Validity of Self-Reported Grade Point Averages

Grade Inflation

Learner Generated Drawing
Research Resources Correlational Studies

Early Childhood Assessment

Teacher Communication Style

Empirical Articles


Case Study

Developing Knowledge of Constructivism

Florida Inclusion

Teacher Prof Development

Survey Research


Lepper:Children's Motivation

Secondary Teachers' Attitudes

Standardized Test Scores and School Quality

Teacher Self Efficacy

Case Exemplar

True Experimental Design

Problem Solving




Stereotyped Task Engagement

Online StatBook

Stat/Analysis Links

The Analysis Page

UDC: Research Methods


Types I & II Error

Additional Readings Rigorous Evidence IQ Gap Closing: Cherry-Picking Data? Gender Differences Poverty & Cognition  

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