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               EDN 500: Human Development and Learning





Fall 2011 Syllabus

Fall 2007 Syllabus

Fall 2006 Syllabus

Fall 2005 Syllabus




Core Reading Assignment

Cowles-4 Perspectives


How Theory Works
Do stages belong at the center of developmental theory? A commentary on Piaget's stages


Michael Glassman

Dewey and Vygotsky: Society, Experience, and Inquiry in Educational Practice (2001)


Leigh O'Brien

Response to Glassman (2002)


Gredler & Shields

Does No One Read Vygotsky's Words? Commentary on Glassman (2004)


Glassman & Ye

On the Interconnected Nature of Interpreting Vygotsky: Rejoinder to Gredler and Shields Does No One Read Vygotsky’s Words (2004) 



From the 

Handbook of Education and

Human Development


Olson & Torrance:

The Role of Psychology in Education



Olson & Bruner:

Folk Psychology/Folk Pedagogy


From Teachers College Record

Our Impoverished View of Educational Reform

David Berliner


O.I.V.E.R./Beliner-Word vrs.


Kaiser State Health Facts


USCB Poverty Tour


US Poverty Map


Child Poverty Rates as a Function of GDP (EPI)


Child Poverty in Major US Cities

(Catholic Bishops)



What is Theory?

Behavioral Learning Theory

BLT: Schunk Ch.2


Little Albert: The experiment

Little Albert: The effects

Skinner's Basic Model

Skinner's Pidgeon

Social Cognitive Learning Theory: Observation & Modeling Effects

Cognitive Learning Theory: Overlearning

Sensation & Perception


Writing a Literature Review



Integrating Research




Conducting Research Reviews




Writing Literature Reviews


LR Checklist (Galvan)


Literature Reviews


Student LRs

MI Theory & Homework

Mental Math Computation

Mental Math Commentary

K-12 Distance Education

Teacher Role Model: LR+Empirical

IES Practice Guide: ESL-Embedded LR

Child development & classroom teaching

Literature Review Examples

Smoking Addition: Embedded LR

Additional LRs


Early Childhood Programs

Early Memory Development

Peer to Peer

Who Drinks?


Examples of  Fully Developed Literature Reviews



Purdue's OWL

Randall Library

APA Style

Dr. Dewey's APA Crib Sheet

Dr. Wuensch's APA Links


Online Psychology Journals

Online Resources

Ed Psyc Central

100 Years of Ed Psyc

What's Happened to the Eric Clearing Houses?

 Rigorous Evidence Guide


Observation Project:

Checklists and Rating Scales


Human Development Resources

Physical Development & Growth

Child Development Institute

National Geographic: Brain Mapping

Brains on Fire: fMRI of Gifted Learners

Problem Solving Resources

Functional Fixedness

Big6 Model


PS Model_Applications


Cognition & Instruction

History of Cognitive Teaching Models

Instructional Models

Cognitive Model Research

Cog Mod Res 2

Rosenshine Review

Cognitive Principles & Instructional Guidelines

Teaching in the Cognitive Domain

Self-instruction: Theory to Instruction


An Introduction to Cognition & Instruction

(Schunk Ch. 6)


Aptitude x Treatment Interactions & Cognitive Style:


Basics of the Model & Cognitive Style


Medical Education



Motivation Resources


More Definitions

Mortensen's Ezine Article

Motivation and Teaching

Motivation Chapter (IM)

Extrinsic Motivation

Failure of EM

A Model of Achievement Motivation

Reiss Article


WPI Article (94)

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics: A Look into Learning, Understanding & Beyond

MIT Humanoid Robotics Lab: NY Times Magazine

Sociable Robots: Kismet & her Friends