Department of Biology and Marine Biology

Brian Arbogast

Professor & Associate Curator of Mammals, UNC Wilmington

Assistant Director, Wildsumaco Biological Station, Ecuador



Terrestrial Conservation Biology

I study the evolution, biogeography and conservation of vertebrates, especially mammals. My recent work has focused on the conservation genetics of flying squirrels and other gliding mammals, Appalachian mammals and salamanders, and using non-invasive methods to study mammalian biodiversity in the tropical Andes of Ecuador.

Research in my lab combines a variety of fieldwork and molecular genetic techniques to investigate ecological and evolutionary questions. Graduate students in my lab have studied a wide range of topics, including the conservation genetics of tree voles, the biogeography and conservation of flying squirrels in Mesoamerica and the Appalachian Mountains, and the mammalian biodiversity of Sumaco Volcano on the east slope of the Andes in Ecuador.  Current graduate student research focuses on conservation and landscape genetics of small mammals inhabiting the spruce-fir sky islands of the southern Appalachians and of the Federally Threatened  Cheat Mountain Salamander in West Virginia .

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Department of Biology and Marine Biology
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