Barbara Frey Waxman

Title: Professor
Office: Morton Hall 132
Phone: (910) 962-3334

Teaching and Research Interests

19th Century British literature (especially Victorian); Women's Studies in literature; multicultural literature of the U.S.; Gothic literature (British and American); autobiography; memoirs of the cross-cultural experience; food memoirs; literature of aging; essay writing; literary theory.

Courses I'm teaching

Core Faculty for Women's Studies  

Other Interests

Since I love cooking (and eating), I like to incorporate food into some of my classes: chocolate for sensory imagery in essay writing, ethnic treats for multicultural literatures, witches' brew for Gothic literature. . . . It's all part of my interdisciplinary approach to literary texts!

Philosophy on Literature

Literature, I believe, can change people's lives, make us more self-reflective and get us to examine our surroundings more too. I love to take important factors like aging and gender and use them as filters through which to view literary texts, exploring how these factors shape texts and influence readers' responses to texts. I want students to discover how literary theories can open up a novel like Margaret Atwood's Handmaid's Tale or an autobiography like Lorene Carey's Black Ice and how literature can change our ways of constructing reality.

Courses Taught

College Writing and Reading, Essay Writing, British Literature Survey, Victorian Literature, Literature of Aging, Gothic and New Gothic Literature, Introduction to Composition and Literary Theory, Female Tradition in Literature, Writers as Social Critics, Multicultural Literatures, Ethnic Literature of the U.S., African American Literature, Autobiography, Autobiography from the Margins (race, ethnicity, gender and age), Utopian/Dystopian Literature, Christina Rossetti/Elizabeth Barrett Browning/Emily Dickinson

Selected Publications

waxmanb1.jpg (11739 bytes) To Live in the Center of the Moment: Literary Autobiographies of Aging

"To Live in the Center of the Moment is rich in insights and orginal interpretations. . ."
--Carolyn Smith, University of Florida

University Press of Virginia, 1997



waxmanb2.jpg (14607 bytes) Multicultural Literatures throuqh Feminist/Poststructuralist Lenses

University of Tennessee Press, 1993


(I edited a collection of 10 essays, contributed an essay on Morrison's Beloved, wrote a theoretical introduction and coclusion, and compiled a selected bibliography).


waxmanb3.jpg (12188 bytes) From the Hearth to the Open Road: A Feminist Study of Aginq in Contemporary Literature.

Greenwood Press, 1990





In Press

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