Dr. Tamara M. Walser

Professor, Department of Educational Leadership

Watson College of Education

Education Building 366
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Trevisan and Walser Book on Evaluability Assessment Available from Sage Publications

Book Review in The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation Strengths noted: provides a much needed new take on evaluability assessment, the book's elegant design and structure as a textbook, connection made by the authors between evaluability assessment and The Program Evaluation Standards.


Ph.D., Research and Evaluation, Utah State University (2000)
M.S., Instructional Design and Development, Utah State University (1996)
B.A., French; minors in Organizational Communication and Public Relations, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (1989)

North Carolina Teaching License: French (K-12); Instructional Technology Specialist (Administrative)

Previous Professional Positions

Project Manager, Research and Evaluation/Training Development Departments, Windwalker Corporation, McLean, VA
Research Scientist, Office of Educational Assessment, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Assessment Specialist, Research Department, Committee for Children, Seattle, WA
Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Associate Director of the Assessment and Evaluation Center, Department of Educational Leadership, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
French Teacher, North Carolina Public Schools

Courses Taught at UNCW

EDN 200: Teacher, School and Society
EDN 514: Technology for School Administrators
EDN 523: Research in Education
EDN 564: Policy Formation as a Systemic Process
EDL 568: Educational Program Design and Evaluation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           EDL 570: Leadership Applications I
EDN 595: Using Data for School Improvement
EDN 595: Data Utilization Practicum
EDN 599: Thesis in Education
EDL 641: Research I
EDL 642: Research II
EDL 642: Program Evaluation
EDL 643/640: Academic Writing
EDL 698: Research
EDL 699: Dissertation

Research Interests

Program Evaluation Methods
Performance Assessment
Research Design
Evaluation Capacity Building

Recent Publications

Walser, T. M. (in press). Assessing transfer and benefit to evaluate course effectiveness. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching.

Lewis, S., & Walser, T. M. (2016). Advancing a professional development system: Evolution and evaluation. School-University Partnerships, 9(3), 130-152. Retrieved from http://napds.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/93-lewis.pdf

Walser, T.M., Rivenbark, J, & Yang, Y. (2016, June). Educational Leadership doctoral program evaluation: Phase one results, findings, and considerations. Wilmington, NC: Watson College of Education Assessment Office.

Walser, T. M., & Trevisan, M. S. (2016). Evaluability assessment thesis and dissertation studies in graduate professional degree programs: Review and recommendations. American Journal of Evaluation, 37(1), 118-138(OnlineFirst May 26, 2015). doi: 10.1177/1098214015583693

Recent Presentations and trainings

Trevisan, M. S., & Walser, T. M. (2017, August). Evaluability assessment and program complexity. Workshop presented at the Claremont Evaluation Center Professional Development Workshops, Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA.

Trevisan, M. S., & Walser, T. M. (2017, April). Evaluability assessment and program complexity. Workshop presented at the Canadian Evaluation Society annual conference, Vancouver, Canada.

Walser, T. M., & Rivenbark, J. M. (2017, April). Evaluating an educational leadership doctoral program: What we learned about the program and evaluating doctoral programs. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association annual conference, San Antonio, TX.

Trevisan, M. S., & Walser, T. M. (2016, November). Evaluability assessment for UNFPA programs: Power and potential. Three-day invited training at the United Nations Population Fund, New York City, NY.

Walser, T. M., & Trevisan, M. S. (2016). Using evaluability assessment to address program complexity. Paper presented at the American Evaluation Association annual conference, Atlanta, GA.

Walser, T. M. (2016). Building a culture of assessment: The use of program evaluation theory and practice. In B. Cousins (Chair), Defining and measuring assessment climate, culture, and capacity in higher education. Paper presented at the American Evaluation Association annual conference, Atlanta, GA.

Current Grants and Contracts

Recent Service to the Field

Subject Matter Expert, Professional Development Course on Evaluability Assessment, Canadian Evaluation Society, Spring 2016.

Peer Reviewer, American Journal of Evaluation.

Peer Reviewer, Journal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness.

Peer Reviewer, Journal of Multidisciplinary Evaluation.