Personal cultural arts experience


Its more difficult to welcome the cultural arts into our classrooms if we dont make the effort to welcome them into our own lives.

In the past we have included a group visit to the Louise Wells Cameron art museum as a part of our experiences on campus.  This visit was intended to provide a personal cultural arts experience for our interns.  Since we have condensed the time we spend on campus we are no longer able to do that as a group at the beginning of the semester.  Therefore the responsibility of seeking out a personal cultural arts experience will lie with each of you.

During the course of this semester you will need to choose at least one of the following options to fulfill this requirement:

          Visit a museum something comparable to the Cameron Art Museum

          Attend an instrumental or vocal concert comparable to those offered at Kenan Auditorium

          Participate in a chamber music group or a choir

          Attend the ballet

          Attend a dramatic production comparable to those offered at Thalian Hall


The total time commitment for this assignment need not be more than 2-3 hours.  You can, of course, spend much more time than this and I hope it is such a good experience for you that it becomes habit forming.


Many of you will be involved in programs at your school or field trips with your students that will focus on one or more of the cultural arts. Although these experiences may contribute to your appreciation of the arts, they will not be sufficient to meet the requirements of this assignment. You will need to seek out one of the options described above to do outside of school time


When you have completed your experience, please send me an email through TaskStream.  Tell me what you chose to do and how it has helped you to more fully appreciate the cultural arts.