Assignments for Monday, January 10, 2005


1.     View the PowerPoint presentation What Is Art?  Visit the website suggested there and take the MI test.  Bring the results with you on Monday.

2.     Participate in the Internet Scavenger Hunt.  Bring that completed page with you on Monday.

3.     Make a simple rhythm instrument, one you can either shake or beat, to use in the music workshop.

4.     For the Visual Arts workshop, please bring 12 postcards, either purchased or homemade.  You can use magazines, snapshots, get them off the Internet or just ones you have already.  They should be basically 4x6.  Please put your name on the back of yours so we can get them all back to their rightful owners after our activities with them.  If possible, you should have:

          3 of people or people interacting with each other

          3 of architecture – buildings, bridges, structures, etc.

          3 of nature – landscapes, animals, etc.

          3 impressionistic or still life – more artsy

5.     Bring one unique, unusual item that will be used for an activity in the storytelling/drama workshop.  It should not be anything larger than you can comfortably hold in one hand.

6.     Review lesson plan information and be prepared to ask your questions in our opening session Monday.

7.     Read Cultural Arts and Multiculturalism.  Be prepared to discuss and ask any questions this may raise for you.


Please dress comfortably.  These workshops are active and you need to be able to move easily.  It tends to be very cold in the ballroom so remember to bring a sweatshirt or wear layers.


I strongly urge you to bring a bag lunch.  We will only have one hour for our lunch break and it will be virtually impossible for this very large group of interns to be served on campus in that short amount of time.  If you choose to leave campus for lunch you may find it difficult to find a parking place when you return.  It’s important that we begin the afternoon workshops on time, both as a courtesy to your instructors and as an insurance that we will be finished for the day when we have scheduled to be