CSC 450 - Software Engineering
TR 2:00-3:15pm, CI 1006
Section 3 - Spring 2019 - 3 credits


Text and Supplemental Material:

Course Objectives:

Course Prerequisites:

Substantial knowledge of programming-in-the-small including: (1) a knowledge of fundamental programming concepts - data structures, data abstraction and hiding, modularity; (2) a working knowledge of at least one modern high-level programming language; (3) a basic knowledge of formal methods and models - analysis of algorithms, computability, automata and formal languages. Undergraduate level mathematics: discrete mathematics (set theory, logic, algebra).

Course Focus:

We will focus on client-server technology, human-computer interfaces, and application development over the Internet.


  1. Homework Assignments - 20%
  2. Two Exams - 40%
  3. Final Course Project - 40%

Note: Material for the exams will be drawn from lectures, readings, and assignments.


Homework assignments will be given normally a week ahead of their due dates (late assignments will be penalized 20% per day).

Course Project:

This course will entail completing a 15-week, group-oriented software engineering project. Each team will consist of three to four students. System deliverables, documentation, and team participation count toward the grade.

Course Attendence:

You are expected to attend all lectures. Absence does not relieve you from meeting all course requirements. You are responsible for all reading, assignments, and exams. Keep up with the day-to-day reading requirements of the class.

Students with Special Needs:

Any students with disabilities or other special needs, who need special accommodations in this course, are invited to share these concerns or requests with the instructor as soon as possible.

Code of Academic Responsibility and Conduct:

Students are responsible for submitting their own work. Students who cooperate on oral or written examinations or work without authorization share the responsibility for violation of academic principles, and the students are subject to disciplinary action even when one of the students is not enrolled in the course where the violation occurred.

Tentative Schedule:

Dr. Ron Vetter,
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