CSC 105 Introduction to Computing and Computer Applications
Course Syllabus -- FALL 1998

Section 06 - T R 5:00-6:15pm BR 161


Jack Tompkins

The instructor is available by email at, by telephone (962-3671), in-person before/after class and during office hours (BR 212: MWF 9:00-10:00am, TR 4:00-5:00pm), in addition to individualized appointments.

Text and Supplies:

Web Resources:

This syllabus as well as a variety of other relevant information for this class will be posted on the internet. You are encouraged to log onto the class page regularly and to send me email. You can reach this page by going to a computer connected to the internet. The pages can be read using Netscape or Internet Explorer. The address will be

Also, at the URL you will find:

Course Overview:

This course will provide students with an understanding of the basic elements of computing machines and computing processes with particular emphasis on computer applications - word processing, database management, graphics, spreadsheets, hypermedia, telecommunications, and various social and technical issues of computer technology. Students will develop skills in the operation of a variety of computing application programs.


At the conclusion of the course, each student will be able to:

  1. Identify and classify the components of the microcomputer system.
  2. Demonstrate successful use of basic commands, procedures, and navigation on the microcomputer.
  3. Develop an understanding of the nature of the computing process -- both hardware and software.
  4. Demonstrate basic use of computer applications such as word processing, database, spreadsheet, graphics, hypermedia, and telecommunications.
  5. Execute the proficient operation of equipment required in the production and utilization of a variety of computer generated media.
  6. State applications of current and emerging technologies.
  7. Develop an awareness of some of the social and technical issues raised with computing.
  8. Become aware of and learn how to utilize web based computer training available at UNCW CBT WEB.

Class Format:

Class presentation formats will include instructor demonstrations and lectures, as well as individual study.

The daily schedule for this course is as follows:

8/20 Introduction to Course / Glossary of TermsCh. 1
8/25 Computers in Context Ch. 2 Computers
8/27Hardware Ch. 3
9/1 Software Ch. 4
9/3 Word Processing Ch. 5 / MS Word
9/8 Word Processing MS Word
9/10 Word Processing MS Word
9/15 *Word Processing Assignment Due*CONNECTIONS: AT&T's Vision of the Future (RealVideo)
9/17 Telecommunications and NetworkingCh. 9
9/22 The Internet Ch. 10 and Internet Tutorial
9/24 HTML and the WebHTML Tutorial: UNCW OIT, HTML Links
9/29 HTML and the WebHTML Tutorial Crash Course
9/30 Last Day to Withdraw ~
10/1 *Web Page URL Due* You can see the student web pages here.
10/3 Bonnie Makeup Review for midterm
10/6 *Midterm Exam* ~
10/8 Fall Vacation 1030PM Wed - 0800AM Mon
10/13 Spreadsheets Ch. 6 / MS Excel
10/20 Spreadsheets MS Excel
10/22 Graphics, Multimedia, and File TypesCh. 7
10/27 *Spreadsheet Assignment Due*
Multimedia Authoring
Will Our Children Be Ready: US WEST Foundation (RealVideo)
10/29 Software Development Web Page is Graded! Ch. 12
11/3 Structured Programming/ Artificial Intel. CH. 12, CH. 13
11/5 Functions C Programming Tutorial
11/10 Control Loops C Programming Tutorial 2
11/12 Putting it all together
11/17 Databases Ch. 8 / MS Access
11/19 Databases MS Access
11/24 Thanksgiving Vacation 1030PM Tue - 0800AM Mon
11/26 Artificial IntelligenceCh. 12
12/1 Social Issues / Ethics Ch. 15
12/3 *Database or C Program Assignment Due* Y2K Problem, UNCW Y2K Strategies
12/8 Review Ch. 1 - 5
12/10 Bonnie Makeup Review
12/17 *Final Exam* 3:00 - 6:00PM


Regular class attendance is required. Completion of assignments will entail time spent at a microcomputer during hours outside of class (see OIT Student Lab schedule for FALL). Late assignments will NOT be accepted.


Evaluation will be based upon student performance and completion of individual assignments and in-class exams.This will be broken out as follows:

Special Needs:

If you have a disability and need reasonable accomodation in this course, you should inform the instructor of this fact in writing within the first week of class or as soon as possible. If you have not already done so, you must register with the Office of Disability Services in Westside Hall (extension 3746) and obtain a copy of your Accomodation Letter. You should then meet with your instructor to make mutually agreeable arrangements based on the recommendations of the Accomodation Letter.

Code of Academic Responsibility and Conduct:

Students are responsible for submitting their own work. Students who cooperate on oral or written examinations or work without authorization share the responsibility for violation of academic principles, and the students are subject to disciplinary action even when one of the students is not enrolled in the course where the violation occurred.

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by Jack Tompkins