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Podcast Project


The Podcast Project asks students to develop a podcast episode, which is audio content designed for asynchronous online dissemination. Podcast episodes should be approximately 5 minutes long and in .mp3 format. Their subject should be an aspect of the local environment. (It may be helpful to pursue the same general topic covered in the Local Mapping Project.) Podcast episodes may include talk, multiple hosts, music, interviews, sound effects, jingles, etc., but the majority of the episode's content should be original. (This means that students can't, for example, make an episode that contains only unoriginal music.) The class will cover how to use Audacity to create podcast episodes.

Once the podcast episodes have been completed, students will generate a corresponding website to host all of the podcast episodes. This website will offer embedded audio players for each episode and a functional rss feed to syndicate the podcast. The class will cover how to use Blogger to create a podcast website, but students will be allowed to create websites using any alternate means.



  1. Example Analysis (10% of project grade)
  2. Podcast Jingle (engagement assignment, bonus points)
  3. Corresponding Website (engagement assignment, bonus points)
  4. Podcast (60% of project grade)
  5. Materials Analysis (15% of project grade)
  6. Postmortem (15% of project grade)

Course Information

Intro. to Professional Writing
ENG 314-001
MO 204
TR 9:30-10:45

Instructor Information

Dr. Jeremy Tirrell
Office: MO 150
Office Hours: TR 12:00-2:00 (and by appointment)

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