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Local Mapping Project


The Local Mapping Project asks students to communicate aspects of their local environments through the practice of online mapping. Digital geolocation has become a significant means to reexamine our immediate spaces and explore how they connect with a shared history, culture, and landscape.

Each student will identify an appropriate online venue, and then construct a Google Map for it that identifies and describes at least five relevant sites using substantive text and multimedia. Online venue and subject choices are wide open. Subjects need not be overly grandiose, but they should be interesting, useful, and productive for a specific audience. Consider local historical or cultural sites, campus areas, indigenous flora and fauna sites, health and sport sites, leisure spots, etc.

External Examples:

Many other examples may be found through Google Maps Mania,, and Programmable Web.

Student Examples:


  1. Field Research Packet (10% of project grade)
  2. Design Plan (10% of project grade)
  3. Map Presentation (10% of project grade)
  4. Final Map (50% of project grade)
  5. Materials Analysis (10% of project grade)
  6. Postmortem (10% of project grade)

Course Information

Intro. to Professional Writing
ENG 314-001
MO 204
TR 9:30-10:45

Instructor Information

Dr. Jeremy Tirrell
Office: MO 150
Office Hours: TR 12:00-2:00 (and by appointment)

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