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Omaha Schools Moving Back to Segregation

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The school system in Omaha is being reorganized into three districts that would be very segregated, one mostly white, one mostly black, and one mostly Hispanic. Many people are claiming that this is a move back to the days of segregation. However, advocates say that it would benefit minorities by giving them more control over their own districts instead of whites. Check out the article at http://www.cnn.com/2006/EDUCATION/04/14/omaha.schools.ap/index.html.

What do you think?

Playboy and The Top Ten Party School

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Well, Playboy has come out with a new college issue and this issue is about the (nude) girls of the top ten party schools in America. My question is simply, "What is everyone's opinion of college girls being displayed as sex symbols, do you like or dislike the idea?" http://www.wate.com/Global/story.asp?S=4727319&nav=E8Yz

Movie Downloading

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This article says that Movielink and CinemaNow, Hollywood’s movie-download services, will be introducing a new service that offers movie downloads at the same time DVDs are released. It says that the movies will be sold for 20-30$ and the downloaded files can’t be “burned” or played on other devices. Do you think this will work? Do you think that this can really reduce piracy?


Safe Airlines

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Ever since 9/11 the airlines have been trying to make the airways safe. It's been five years since 9/11 and now they are upgrading the planes that the public always beleived to be safe. Don't you think that it has taken a little to long for them to do that?


What Do We Allow into the Country?

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The government has found a flaw in the way that radioactive substances are being transported into this country. A small amount of Cesium-137 (which can be deadly in large doses), was smuggled into the country using fake documentation. The ability to fake documentation so easily surprises me, because with the internet it should be exceedingly easy to confirm that documentation is completely legitimate. They are currently looking for a solution to have in place within 30 days. What do you all think about these kinds of problems?

Ohio couple loses custody of 11 adopted kids

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http://www.detnow.com/wxyz/nw_national_news/article/0,2132,WXYZ_15925_4556059,00.html It really scares me that people are actually like this. These parents caged their 11 special needs adopted children. I don't understand how the system allowed this to go on. The parents even pleaded "not guilty" to several charges. It's also ridiculous to place 11 children in one home. There is no way that they can properly be taken care of by a single set of parents. These children were treated like animals because they have disabilities. I wonder how long the state will allow children to be placed in unfit homes rather than waiting for good parents to apply for adoption.

Iraq pullout a choice for a later president

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This article talks about how President Bush said that the decision on when to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq will be up to a future president. To me it seems like he's putting the war on to someone else. I was just wondering on what everyone thought about the situation, whether you think he's doing justice for the troops that have died there by staying in it, or that he realized that he was in over his head and doesn't know what to do?

Dubai port situation

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This is an article with a suggestion one what to do with the whole Dubai ports debacle. Basically he says let them own it but not control the ports. I was just wondering how you all felt about the whole situation whether they should be allowed to own them or whether we should just say no and keep all our ports American. Here is the link http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11716489/site/newsweek/

Bush's Space Program

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Bush announced not very long ago that he intends to bring new life to NASA’s space program and put men back onto the Moon and maybe even Mars. Of course this will require a massive budget and also that NASA is currently messing with the International Space Station.

I was wondering if you think that this is a wise decision given the US’s current situation with Iraq and the economy.

Same Sex Marriage

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This is a topic that has been brought to the front of many political debates in the past two years. It is a law that will completely change the make up of our constitution. I am just wondering how others feel about the attempt to make an amendment to the constitution that states people of the same gender may not marry. I have my views on this decision. I am wondering what other people's views are on the situation.

Here are two articles about the laws prior to the attempt for the amendment and about the actual president’s stand on the amendment.


Human cloning

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Here is an article on human cloning , it gives you information on which countries have legalised it and other countries which are trying to ban it. So what is your opinion? Are you for it or against it and give a reason to why you are taking a certain position. I personally am for it, if it's not misused then why not?


Olympic Curling

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I recently read an article about how the US curling team had an upset against a much less experienced Italy team. After watching curling on TV for about ten minutes, I decided that I would rather watch paint dry. It was the most boring event I had ever seen. The gameplay was slow and it didn't seem like it took much strategy. If you are a watcher of the Olympics - do you even care about the curling event? Most Olympic events take a lot of physical ability. All that they do in curling is push a rock and broom in front of it. Do you think that curling should even be an olympic event? Surely there is something out there that is a more worthy event than this.

Assisted suicide or Death with dignity?

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I am not very strong with politics, but who could think that is was right, morally or politcal, to let someone kill themselves or give someone something to kill themselves. In my eyes this is same thing as shooting someone who wants die. I understand that these are terminally ill people, and there has been less than 300 people that have actually went through with it, but is that point? Just because someone is going to die, in an unknow amount of time, is it justified to just go a head and take them out with a signiture on a perscription paper.

Experimental Face Transplant

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This week in France, there was a woman who received the very first experimental face transplant. It was a success, and now the woman is looking foward to starting a new life. Technology and doctors who are willing to go to the untouched areas of science make the world what it is today. Was this transplant the right thing to do for this woman, or are doctors just taking the 'medical miracles' too far? Should these types of experimental procedures be allowed to take place if there is a possibility of the person living a normal life? Think of all the possibilities doctors could give us if we just let them. Is there a point where doctors should leave things to fate, or is it justifiable for them to try these experimental operations in order to make someone's life better?

Brokeback Mountain: 8 Oscars Nominations...Whats the Deal?

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The article below is an article that deals with the movie Brokeback Mountain. I have never in fact seen the movie, nor do I want to, but from the synopsis it appears to be a movie about two straight cowboys who end up being two gay cowboys after spending a summer hearding sheep. This story doesn't seem very compelling to me, but I guess it's up for 8 Oscar Nominations. This causes me to raise the question whether or not this movie deserves these nominations. I have seen many movies that have won Oscars and they were all great movies. A movie about gay cowboys does not seem like a "Best Picture" choice. This brings me to the question of WHY? Is this movie up for 8 nominations because the people in it are gay? What if it was about a girl in a guy who fall in love hearding sheep? Would the story be any less appealing? Why does the fact that it deals with a controversal issue automatically make it a good movie? Would Munich have a better chance if he was a gay hitman? Tell me what you guys think!
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