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project 1:
Project 1 Intro
Project 1 Rubric
Contribution Plan
Wikipedia Genre Analysis

project 2:
Project 2 Intro
Project 2 Rubric
Edmundson: "On the Uses of a Liberal Education as Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students"
Shorris: "On the Uses of a Liberal Education as a Weapon in the Hands of the Restless Poor"
Gatto: "Against School"
Botstein: "Let Teenagers Try Adulthood"
Aronowitz: The Knowledge Factory
Kirp: "The New U"
Sledd: "Marketeers, Agitators, and the Corporate University"
Readings: The University in Ruins
Cramer: "Review of Bill Readings' The University in Ruins"
Graff: "Response to Bill Readings"
Whitehead: "Universities and Their Function"
sample paper questions

project 3:
Project 3 Intro
Project 3 Peer Review (.doc)
Project 3 Rubric
urban and rural spaces:
Davis: "Fortress Los Angeles"
Raban: "Street People and Air People"
Flusty: "Building Paranoia"
Lopez: "The American Geographies"
Lopez: "Borders"
Abbey: "The First Morning"
Didion: "Marrying Absurd"
Jana: "New Blueprints for China's Skyline"
Vergara: "The Ghetto Cityscape" (offline)
Boehlert: "New York's Most Disliked Building?" (offline)
space and commerce:
Gibian: "The Art of Being Off-Center" (plain text version here)
Fiske: "Shopping for Pleasure"
Meredith: "Big Mall's Curfew Raises Questions of Rights and Bias"
Liu: "Remember When Public Space Didn't Carry Brand Names?"
Gladwell: "The Science of Shopping" (offline)
Willis: "Disney World: Public Use/Private State" (offline)
space and race:
Staples: "Black Men and Public Space"
Cockcroft and Barnet-Sanchez: "Signs from the Heart"
space and gender:
Karbo: "The Dining Room" (offline)
virtual spaces:
Brooks: "Oversimulated Suburbia"
Wertheim: "The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace"
Dyson: "Cyberspace for All"
Pollock: "Welcome to Cyberbia"
Staples: "The Battle Against Junk Mail and Spyware on the Web"
Suler: "Identity Management in Cyberspace"
Tirrell: "Dumb People, Smart Objects"
temporary spaces:
Serlin: "Four Points Plans New Room Design" (offline)
religious spaces:
Papas: "Islam and Women's Rights"
King: "Religion and Identity" (offline)