staples battle

Staples, Brent. "The Battle Against Junk Mail and Spyware on the Web." The New York Times 03 January 2004. 12 Apr 2006 <>.

Staples discusses the problem that internet users have been plagued with: junk mail. Internet users are constantly bombarded with advertisements in their inbox. This space that belongs to the user is completely trashed with these unwanted advertisements. Advertisements are already seen everywhere and now they have invaded the private space of a person’s inbox. Commercials are in most aspects of modern day life. They are seen on TV, movies, magazines, and now e-mail.

This article relates to Virtual Space. People’s space is constantly being invaded by the media. E-mail was intended to be used for personal communication. It is now being abused by companies who are trying to push their product on the public.

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