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Well, Playboy has come out with a new college issue and this issue is about the (nude) girls of the top ten party schools in America. My question is simply, "What is everyone's opinion of college girls being displayed as sex symbols, do you like or dislike the idea?"


I think this is very degrading to college women. It sets us back to being sex symbols. There are many girls in college that work very hard to be considered intellectually equal with men. This is an advertisement that college girls are just there for sexual entertainment.
I'd also be very embarassed if my school was on that list. When we have to go find a job in a few years you want your employer to feel that you went to a prestigious university-not the #1 party school.

Their choice

I think it'd be pretty embarrassing later on in life to be in one of these "specials". It's their choice to be displayed as sexual entertainment. Often times alcohol is probably involved so some are probably not in their right state of mind when such things occur, but I believe all are made to sign a contract if they want to appear on the show/magazine/whatever.

The fact that they are going

The fact that they are going to party schools looking for these girls shows a huge disrespect towards women. I think it is just a way to make money in the college age level.

Its their choice

I think that people have the right to do what they want with their own bodies. However, it does still create a certain stigma for the universities, especially if the issue is about the "party" schools in the nation. When these specific words are used it does hurt the image of the university and the women who are being photographed. Would it hurt playboy to portray the college girls as intellegent instead of "partiers?"

Their choice

I think that it is their decision to make. It might not be considered the right decision, but they did it and will have to live with the consequences, whatever they may be. And as long as they aren't making the university look bad, let them do their thing.

playboy party girls

I believe that the girls should first have to obtain permission from the university in which they are representing. I do not see how they can possibly use the name of the university in a way such as this without consent first. Surely they would be punished in some way if they do pose for playboy without consent. As far as them posing for the magazine, they should be able to do what they want- but they should definetely recieve written permission first.

why not purdue

I don't think this is a big deal. They obviously wanted to posse nude for a magazine, that’s there choice to make, there adults. As for the labeling of the universities, i don't think this gives them any bad publicity. How do you effectively rate a school as being one of the top ten party schools? My only question is why Purdue University wasn’t up there, I mean we have breakfast club.

let them do whatever they want

It's up 2 the girls if they wanna do it just let them do it, you can't really stop them. I don't really have any opinion about this as this has nothing to do with me, as long as i'm not affected by it, i don't care. It's their life and it's not as though they were forced to do it it's their own personal choice.

College Girls

I think that it is the girls decision. I mean they are not forcing them to do anything. People do stupid things and sometimes these stupids things end up on tv or video tapes. It is kind of degreating to women that there is like a whole series a videos just about this situation. But basically I think that it is just something that happens at random and u live and get over it.


I think this brings very bad press for females at colleges. It gives the image that all girls are considered "wild" in college. I know that when I was looking at colleges I didn't want to attend a "party" school, so I think this will have a negative impact on the kind of students the colleges will recruit.


I think it’s ok as along as the girls don’t represent a certain college without permission. They’re old enough to make their own decisions and if they want to be displayed as sex symbols, then let them do it. It would be wrong if the girls were tricked into doing it, but I think that’s unlikely.


I don't really find it all that bad. The girls that pose are eightteen years old and are completely legal. If they want to do that than that is their decision. I do think it is more publicity for the college for it to be in Playboy but that is something that happens more and more these days.


I would say other than the expoitation factor its ok. Seems kind of silly in todays culture you are automatically smart enough to make your decisions at 18. Other than that its there body if they want to show it off it is there own decision they have to live with.

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