What Do We Allow into the Country?

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The government has found a flaw in the way that radioactive substances are being transported into this country. A small amount of Cesium-137 (which can be deadly in large doses), was smuggled into the country using fake documentation. The ability to fake documentation so easily surprises me, because with the internet it should be exceedingly easy to confirm that documentation is completely legitimate. They are currently looking for a solution to have in place within 30 days. What do you all think about these kinds of problems?

smuggling problems

I think that very dangerous occurences such as these definetely need to be screened better. If these are continually allowed in our country, another 9-11 type event could occur. It would only take one occurence like this to put us into another recession like 9-11 did.

lack of effort

I’m surprised that the license documents were fabricated so easily. It seems like the government spends so much time trying to prevent these things, but people were able to smuggle hazardous substances into the country without much difficulty. The government needs to put more effort into keeping the country safe.

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