Same Sex Marriage

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This is a topic that has been brought to the front of many political debates in the past two years. It is a law that will completely change the make up of our constitution. I am just wondering how others feel about the attempt to make an amendment to the constitution that states people of the same gender may not marry. I have my views on this decision. I am wondering what other people's views are on the situation.

Here are two articles about the laws prior to the attempt for the amendment and about the actual president’s stand on the amendment.

Gay Marriage

I really don't see a problem with gay marriage. It doesn't affect me, so why should I be opposed to it? Marriage is the union of two people that love eachother. I don't see why it is the government's place to say who we can and can't love. I feel that outlawing this is just another way for the government to control our everyday lives.

Suprisingly, I was raised Roman Catholic and still hold these views. Many people feel that being gay is a choice, but who would choose a life of ridicule? I believe that people are born gay and there is no reason to deny their rights. An American ideal has always been the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." If we deny gay people to marry, we are infringing on their rights. Gay marriage does not infringe on other's rights, so why are we trying to ban it? I believe that my rights end when yours begin. Who is gay marriage actually hurting or affecting? The only thing it will do is give gay people a right that everyone deserves.

Same Sex Marriage

Who are we to judge what is right and what is not for someone's life. If someone wants to marry someone of the same sex, it is not going to hurt anyone. However, barring the right for gay couples to get married makes their lives that much harder. The same laws that apply to marriage between opposite sexes should apply to same sex marriage. This is increasingly important as same sex couples are raising children, because we need to think of what is best for that child. Making same sex marriage illegal will not allow one of the parents to stay at home.

Gay marriage

I find nothing wrong with marriage between people of the same sex. Same sex couples are people too, the same as you and me, which mean that they love too. Whether that love is directed to another man or woman is irrelevant. You cannot deny the power of love.

I will not associate myself with one political party or the other, but I will say that governing who can enter into marriage is wrong. I respect people's opinions on the issue, however that doesn't mean their opinions can determine others' lives. If we continue to let our government inch their way into our personal lives we will find that democracy will become synonomous with dictatorship. I hope this does not become true.

Gay Marriage

I think this is a very touchy subject. There are so many ways to go about this law. I personally feel that it is wrong, but our country is supposed to separate church and state. I think if that is the case then it should not bother people. We could debate about this all day, but all I am going to say is they are people too, and in a way this is discrimination. What is marriage anyway?


I have looked on a couple sites and noticed that its not the title of "marriage" that gay men or woman want its the rights that go along with being married. Being able to clam next of kin and such. I personally think the tittle is everything. I dont think that gays should be wed, but i do believe that we should come up with a parrallel so that they can have the rights of married couples.


Traditionally marriage has been between a man and a woman. People are generally happy with this concept. The current decision to not allow same sex marriage can be argued in many different ways. One arguement I hear most people use is the blanket statment, "It's not right". I actually think that if same sex marriage is allowed, what is stopping someone from (hypothetically) wanting to marry their car or something like that? I personally see no problem with same sex marriages, but you have to think of what else could spawn if they are allowed.

Just Let Umm Be

I am not really cool with the whole same sex thing, but if two people love each other then let them do it. If they want to get married thats their own business and nobody else should be able to tell them what to do. Just because it isn't moral by "christian" standards doesnt mean the government has to take a stance on it. Seperation of church and state my people. Let be in love and get married. No harm No foul.

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