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Here is an article on human cloning , it gives you information on which countries have legalised it and other countries which are trying to ban it. So what is your opinion? Are you for it or against it and give a reason to why you are taking a certain position. I personally am for it, if it's not misused then why not?

no go

Personally, I am not for human cloning. I just don't see the point. Each one of us is unique and created that way. It is way too risky to perform such a procedure. If the clone was a success, what if something is wrong with it? Then you are stuck with this human being that you created and you have to explain to them that they are so messed up because of an experiment that you performed. I just don't see any good reason to clone a human.


Not to be a jerk, Darcy, but what about identical twins like my mom? She's not "unique" in the genetic sense. Her and her twin are already clones.


I think that there are many sides to this issue. I will say that I don't agree with cloning an entire human being. However, cloning can do many wonderful things. It would be amazing if human organs could be cloned and used for transplants. There would be so many lives saved. Also, stem cell research is essential to cure diseases, such as Parkinson's. My boyfriend lives with this everyday, and there isn't any hope in sight. I hope that one day a cure is possible because of stem cell research.

human upgrades

This site isn't exactly about human cloning (it's more centered upon genetic engineering), but it raises the kind of creepy questions that are invested in this discourse (warning-there is explicit language and sexual imagery on this site, and much of it is utterly disturbing):

The "products" section gets to the core of this issue. The site is satirical, but it's not too far off from what is in the near future. Look at plastic surgery, for example. Once a technology is possible, it seems like it will be used somehow; questions of ethics have a way of getting backgrounded, hence the fictional company's motto: "The Possibility is Our Obligation."

- J. Tirrell


This is a tough issue. Would the clone be considered an equal person even if they weren't created through natural means like the original? I guess they could be used for medical purposes, but I think it would go against the "No human testing" mandate. I've also read that they could be used for amputee victims, but wouldn't that just mean we are harvesting humans? I'm sure some country's military would use clones somehow. (Star Wars?) Other then some sort of medical purpose, I'm not too sure why we are doing this other then 'Because we want to/can'.

no way

I think it is a good idea to use new medical technology to help the human race, but this just crosses the line. Human cloning threatens the human race as a whole. I would compare it to a nuclear bomb falling into the wrong hands . If this is allowed, then someone is eventually going to use it to do harm. I personally would not like to grow up knowing that I am a clone of someone else. I believe that the person would lose all sense of individuality because he was made artificially.


Personally I don't agree with cloning, but if they can save more lives then what they're cloning that might be worth it. The way I see it is if they're saving more lifes than creating and then destroying, overall that would be in the best interest of everyone. I also kind of agree with what the catholic church was saying. So, as of right now I am split with my position on this subject.


Personally I do not really fall on either side on this subject. I think that human cloning can be could in the sense that it can help people with diseases or problems. In a sense I guess it would be better if we just cloned that parts of the human in question that we needed to use in case they needed them. But also in cloning for the sake of having another "copy" of you walking around, I guess I am against the issue. A copy of you is just that a copy it takes away your sense of indivuality. But another thing it with the Catholic church we belive that every person has a soul, which I do not believe can be copied.

Human cloning

I know that cloning could be the solution for curing diseases like cancer or Parkinson’s. Scientists say that it can bring hope to many people, but I’m worried that it might have some negative effects. I don’t like the idea of taking an organ from the clone and then just killing it. I would feel guilty for the rest of my life if I ever had to do that. The clone might look like you, but inside, it’s a completely different person. I’ve heard that there might be a way to clone just the organs and I prefer that idea. I would like to talk a little bit about the "humanupgrades" website. I saw a clip about genetic engineering on the Internet. On the clip, there was a genetics professor who said some interesting things. He said that genetic engineering is very complicated. He said, "Genetic engineering is like making an airplane. You can’t just take parts from an Airbus and some parts from a Boeing to make a better plane. The parts have to fit." I hope this is true. Otherwise, the future would be similar to that of the film "Gattaca."


I am against cloning because i believe that we have a soul. I believe that is the part that goes onto the afterlife and I feel there are serious questions as to if clones would have that. Therefore I feel that it is playing to much and should not be done.


How would you feel, Paul, about organ cloning? In many discussions of cloning, the goal isn't to replicate humans but have the ability to grow replacement organs. This means that people won't be cloned and then harvested—organs would just be grown individually.

Check out this site for a short discussion of this. Also, you can see the somewhat creepy case where scientists grew a human ear on a mouse's back. Yikes.

- J. Tirrell

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