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I recently read an article about how the US curling team had an upset against a much less experienced Italy team. After watching curling on TV for about ten minutes, I decided that I would rather watch paint dry. It was the most boring event I had ever seen. The gameplay was slow and it didn't seem like it took much strategy. If you are a watcher of the Olympics - do you even care about the curling event? Most Olympic events take a lot of physical ability. All that they do in curling is push a rock and broom in front of it. Do you think that curling should even be an olympic event? Surely there is something out there that is a more worthy event than this. What do you think? If you would like to read the article the link is http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11372074/


I think this "event" is a bit ridiculous. The Olympics are a testament to strength, training, endurance, and athletic ability. I don't see any of these aspects in curling. I think a speed skating and skiing have these things, but sliding a disc across ice might be pushing it.

Going to the Olympics is a very prestigious honor. I don't know if I would be so proud if the reason I was in it was for curling. I would never classify it as a sport. I'm sure it requires some skill, but I don't think it is Olympic worthy. These games have been going on for hundreds of years. I doubt this is what the first Olympians had in mind.

yes and no

I agree that curling can be very boring to watch. I had no idea what it was until this past Tuesday, and when I started watching it, I was in amazement at how dumb it was. I still can't even imagine who watches that sport and says "wow that's what I want to do with my life!" But after watching it for a while, I saw that it does take a lot of skill and practice. It is obvious that the participaters do train a lot. I think it deserves a chance.


I have made myself sit through five or ten minutes of this sport on TV, hoping to understand what curling is exactly. I was bored to tears and regretted wasting my time. I didn't understand the object of the game, although a commentator compared it to chess on ice. Well I don't know how to play chess and I certainly don't understand this kind of chess. What is even more baffling to me is that it's considered an Olympic sport! There's nothing physical about it. I could push a 40 pound rock down some ice! I personally don't think it should be in the Olympics. You don't see people competing at a
game of horseshoes do you?

why olimpics itself?

I personally don't understand why we have to have olympics itself. The only thing i find interesting is the opening ceremony, that's like a must watch for me all the rest i don't even bother with. Who cares who wins the gold, silver or bronze? As far as i understand about curling, it sounds like quite a ridiculous sport and definitely seems to be a waste of time, they could have just put some other sport in there instead of that.


Not all sports need to rely on physical strength, such as golf and curling. While I think that watching these sports is boring as well, they are sports that rely on intense concentration and practice. These sports are skills that you can't learn anywhere else, and must work hard on so that you are up to the competition. Realize that this sport is not popular by any means in this country, but also realize that we are not more than a small fraction of the entire world population. What is popular here may not be in other places, and what isnt popular here may be in other countries.


I'm sure there is a more interesting sport that can replace curling, but why not just add a new event. I don't know how long it's been in the olympics, but there has to be a crowd for it. I'm sure that if the sport was replaced there would be a lot of fans and players, who have trained their whole lives, that would be really pissed. And for the question on a new sport, why not beer pong?

In my opion curling is a

In my opion curling is a sport that takes more talent then other sports in the Olympics. You are saying that it is slow and nobody wants to watch it, well what about cross-country sking. That is even slower and there is not any stategy behind it. I think that you need to get cultured in the world of sports. This is a sport that takes planning, thought and a whole lot of skill.


I think that curling really does not have any reason being an onlympic sport. It does not take very much athletic talents and I think it is a waste of time. I think that it could be played for fun but it thats an olympic sport then they might as well add horseshoes as well.


A lot of people think curling is boring. But there are also people who enjoy watching it. Curling may not require things like strength or endurance, but I think it does require a lot of training and concentration. I don’t think it’s something that anybody can do. I’m sure that more people would like curling if they had the chance to learn about it. Curling became an Olympic event in 1998 and it has been gaining popularity. I don’t think there’s a reason to replace it.

alot harder than it looks

I understand wear you are coming from but you have to understand that along with 50% of all other sports, until you try it, they are alot harder than they look. There is strategy behind it, you have to block other rocks, your rock has to be "the middle most". If your the one throwing the rock you have to know wear to place it, if you pushed to hard; scratch the ice, if you threw to soft; sweep the ice. Then know how to block the other team.
For the most part though i woukld like to try curling before i knock it!


i personally love to watch curling and get excited every four years when the olympics come around because that means that finally curling is on tv again. While i will agree it does not take much athletic ability to play curling, I disagree that there is no strategy or talent involved. The thrower must put the right spin on it and the sweepers must make sure it is the right distance, plus there is a lot of strategy in blocking the others rocks so that you will win the game. While i do not think it is the hardest game to play it also isnt a game where someone will win accidentally with beginners luck and after all look how fat baseballs greatest player (babe ruth) is yet noone will question baseball in the summer olympics.


I have honestly never understood curling. You have a stone that slides across ice while two people scrub infront of it to make it turn into another direction. It as an olympic sport, curling seems out of place with the other winter olympic sports. I don't think that curling should be an olympic sport, but I can see why people like it as a hobby or pastime. In my opinion, Curling shouldn't be an olympic sport, but it can be a a serious competition to some people out there.

Curling basics

This link popped up on Fark:


I just have to say that it

I just have to say that it takes skill to curl, it may not be as physical as skiing, snowboarding, or skating, but it still takes a lot more skill then what it seams. I feel it should be because I doubt that anyone in this room could curl with some skill.

American men win the bronze

Here's the capper, I guess. The American men won the bronze medal in curling.

- J. Tirrell

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