Assisted suicide or Death with dignity?

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I am not very strong with politics, but who could think that is was right, morally or politcal, to let someone kill themselves or give someone something to kill themselves. In my eyes this is same thing as shooting someone who wants die. I understand that these are terminally ill people, and there has been less than 300 people that have actually went through with it, but is that point? Just because someone is going to die, in an unknow amount of time, is it justified to just go a head and take them out with a signiture on a perscription paper.

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The goal of the supreme court is to make sure people do not do anything stupid(against the constitution of the United States). This author is trying to say that because the people want somthing, they should always have it. However, the supreme court is to say whether it is legal to make that law. This is the greatness of our government called checks and balances. I realize they named the law "Death with dignity act" so you could say it goes with the pursuit of happiness. But the constitution states that we have a right to life, not a right to take away life. I feel that as a doctor when you are sworn in with the hypocratic oath you uphold to protect and save life. This goes against a doctors word and I would not want a physician who is willing to choose whether someone has the right to say he wants to die. If the voters in Oregon voted that they did not want guns in there houses anymore and passed a bill that said guns were illegal in Oregon, the supreme court would step in and say no that is a protected amendment in the bill of rights so therefore your law is illegal. Instances like this happens hundreds of times a year. Just a few years ago in Indiana a law about sobriety check points was shot down by the supreme court over illegal search and seizure. It does not matter if there is a majority that wants it all the time in America. If there is a mojority then we can amend the constitution and allow assisted suicide nation wide.

Death with dignity

I think that an individual should have the right to die peacefully. If a person is suffering and it’s 100% certain that the person is going to die soon, I think that euthanasia might be the best solution. I haven’t actually seen anyone suffer from a terminal illness, but I’ve heard that it’s extremely difficult for the patient and the patient’s family. The patient’s family has to watch a loved one suffer from inexplicable pain every single day. If I had to watch someone from my family undergo something like that, I wouldn’t be able to say that it’s wrong to let that person die in peace. It’s cruel to force someone in that kind of situation to live.

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